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Information about renting five-bedroom apartments in Madrid

Madrid is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, and it is one of the most attractive cities for people to live in. For example, rent a five-bedroom apartment in Madrid it is perfectly suitable for big families who wants to live in Madrid for a long season.

With nearby mountains and marvellous landscapes just a few kilometres from the capital, this makes it the ideal location for people who like mountains and nature, and so it makes perfect sense that they want to rent a flat in Madrid.

Some people choose the city of Madrid, but not so much for its nature, however, but to enjoy all the advantages of living in a European capital. Some of the larger and wealthier families also prefer living in the more elegant parts of Madrid, and because of these characteristics, they prefer to live in a large home.

Five-bedroom apartments, for example, are very popular with large families, although they might not always be very easy to find, especially if you have selected a certain district.

It is good to know that only a few of the upscale neighbourhoods have properties with that many bedrooms, and sometimes one of those rooms is intended for the children's nanny or service staff.

You will be able to find five-bedroom flats in several zones in the city, like, for example, in the district of Salamanca and Retiro. And although it is not impossible to find a five-bedroom apartment in other parts of the city, you will see that availability is very limited.

Prices of these types of flats are generally quite high, and that is mainly because they are located in the more expensive areas in the city. A five-bedroom apartment can, however, also be the ideal solution for students, as this allows them to live together and share expenses.

As is the case with four-bedroom flats, five-bedroom apartments can also be interesting for singles, divorced or separated people, or anyone else wanting to share an apartment. It makes living in the capital a little bit more affordable, and that is why people choose this arrangement more often nowadays.

Advantages of renting a five-bedroom apartment in Madrid

Renting a five-bedroom flat in the capital can be somewhat complicated, but it is certainly not impossible. Traditionally, the most expensive neighbourhoods have the largest flats and homes, and therefore also more bedrooms.

It is not uncommon for more wealthy couples to start a large family and to need bigger homes to accommodate them. The evidence for this can be found in the types of buildings that have been constructed in different areas in Madrid. This is the main reason as to why it is easier to find a house with many bedrooms in neighbourhoods chosen by Madrid’s upper class.

But if this type of property is not available in these areas, you can always try to find a similar type of property in simpler or more residential parts of the city. You could even consider the suburbs.

If your personal circumstances are not a problem, you can also opt for sharing a flat in a wealthier part of Madrid. This way you can rent a bit cheaper, because you will be sharing expenses. Even if it means you will have to give up some of your privacy, you will get better transport connections, good quality services and large shopping areas in return.

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