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Districts of Madrid

Living and studying in Madrid’s Argüelles neighborhood

Written by Paula

Located in Moncloa-Aravaca, one of Madrid’s twenty one districts, the neighborhood of Argüelles is great place for those who are coming to the capital to study.

arguelles madridArgüelles is situated at a close distance from the Ciudad Universitaria of Madrid, where most of Universidad Complutense de Madrid and Universidad Politécnica de Madrid’s campuses are located.

Moncloa has also has a large number of buses that offer a connection between the district and private universities that are located a little further, like Alfonso X El Sabio, Camilo José Cela, Universidad Europea de Madrid, Francisco Vitoria, and Antonio de Nebrija.

The neighborhood of Argüelles also offers great subway connection to the rest of Madrid, providing easy access to some of the major touristic spots in the capital, like Plaza de España and Puerta del Sol.

Due to the fact it is a popular student destination, Argüelles is a young neighborhood with a healthy nightlife. There are a variety of bars, restaurants and clubs where students can enjoy a fun night out.

There are also a number of shops, supermarkets and entertainment venues in the neighborhood, which means residents can find almost everything they need without having to leave the neighborhood.

Argüelles is a peaceful area to leave, home of some of the district’s most beautiful parks.

Dehesa de la Villa

Dehesa de la Villa is a forest park with a natural, beautiful flora, where a large variety of bird species live. It is the perfect spot for those who truly appreciate nature.

Parque del Oeste

Designed by landscape architect Celedonio Rodrigáñez, Parque del Oeste started being built in the year of 1893. Sections of the park where opened to the public through the years, but the full construction only finished in 1973, when the park expanded, occupying the land that used to belong to Cuartel de la Montaña. The park has a large green area that is perfect for a relaxing walk, a large number of statues and monuments, and a fountain.

arguelles madridParque del Oeste is also home to one of the most interesting touristic attractions in the district of Moncloa-Aravaca, El Templo de Debod, a stunning Egyptian monument from 200 BC that was moved to Madrid, piece by piece.

Another point of interest in Argüelles is the Paseo Pinto de Rosales cable car. From the cable car, visitors can spot sites like Parque del Oeste, Rosaleda, the old Príncipe Pío train station and more, finishing the ride at Pasos Perdidos plaza.

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