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Madrid’s Five Most Authentic Restaurants

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Written by Daniella

Are you tired of going to the same restaurants over and over again, or have you been eating too much fast food lately? Gourmet cuisine always tastes better, and many restaurants in Madrid have an intriguing menu you might be tempted to try.

Today, this blog article by ShMadrid will share a few more stylish restaurants with you. These authentic restaurants have already established themselves, so visiting any of them will be a guaranteed success. They are an excellent choice for a business lunch or a fancy dinner with friends, but you can also make reservations and surprise your other half. It’s all up to you!

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Discover five authentic restaurants in Madrid

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Corral de la Morería is on our list, because of its unique and exclusive interior with room for four rows of tables and a flamenco platform. The chef, David García, has learned his way around the kitchen from the great Martín Berasategui, and he operates separately, always taking the famous tablao into account.

Every night he cooks for a selected group of people, and if you are lucky to be part of this ensemble, you will taste his creative cuisine with almost ingenious dishes, prepared with the best raw ingredients.

The restaurant offers a tasting menu, and you can choose from hundreds of wines to accompany your dinner. Corral de la Morería is located at Calle de la Morería, 17, in the Embajadores neighbourhood.

Noname is a Japanese fusion restaurant, that explores different culinary trends. The main idea is taking Japanese dishes and adding Miami cuisine flavours to bring something new to the table.

Besides its original and creative cuisine, the underground interior will definitely not go unnoticed. Dining at Noname makes it easy to imagine being in another fashionable city, like Berlin, New York, London or Los Angeles. The restaurant is open from Monday to Sunday, and it is located at Calle de Claudio Coello, 27, right in the middle of the Salamanca district.

The Lobstar is located near the busy Glorieta de Bilbao (a star-shaped roundabout in the city). As soon as you enter its doors, the industrial feel of the place will immediately draw your attention. The typical Yankee interior is captivating, and you can listen to the best rock hits of all times here. But let’s not forget its greatest feature: the authentic American dishes on the menu!

Beware of running the risk of getting addicted to The Lobstar’s food, because its lobster sandwiches are spectacular. They serve the lobster on a buttered brioche, and it is clear that this is the house special. If you want to choose something else, go for a Crab Roll with soft-shell crab meat or shrimp tempura.

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Mandioca is also a very special place, although its decoration is totally the opposite of the previous restaurant’s interior. Its natural plants, the large window that lets the light shine through and the Brazilian themed design will mesmerize you.

The food concept, as you can imagine, is based on healthy, fresh and affordable cuisine. The restaurant is located at Calle de San Bernardo, and once you take a seat,  this unique and special place will only let you feel good vibes and positive energy.

Another restaurant you shouldn’t miss for the world, is Konnichiwa in Calle de Fuencarral. The Japanese word konnichiwa means “hello”, and the place makes you feel welcome indeed.

It’s the perfect restaurant for anyone who has always wanted to go to Japan, or for those who have already been there and want to taste its cuisine again. The interior looks like an authentic Japanese tavern, and on the menu you will find oriental dishes that are finger licking good! Try the popular gyozas, homemade Ramen, takoyaki or octopus balls. You won’t be disappointed.

Do you know other authentic restaurants in Madrid?

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