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Autumn is Fresh Mushroom Time in Madrid

Written by damien

Summer is almost over in Madrid and autumn is drawing closer and with it stars the mushroom picking season. Spain has an ideal climate for it, and they usually begin to raise their heads after the first rains of the season. ShMadrid will share more with you on the subject of mushroom picking.

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Picking your own mushrooms

Photo via Pixabay

After that the parks and woodlands around Madrid and throughout Spain are packed with people enjoying this popular pass time, most of them for fun, or there are those who earn themselves some extra spending money during mushroom season which can last from the end of September up till the middle of December. It’s a well known fact that not every wild mushroom that you pick should be eaten, and the best piece of advice that any intending to take up this hobby can get is to invest in a mushroom species book to take when you go out to look for wild mushrooms. It is important to be able to identify what mushrooms you pick and make sure you stay well away from any mushrooms that look suspicious. In any event, its recommended always to wear gloves when picking, and make sure that all mushrooms picked are washed before consumption, and that the picked mushrooms are safely stored in a basket. Picking mushrooms during the season is yet another reason why living in Madrid can be a lot of fun.

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Photo via Pixabay

What is also nice to know that if you’re considering making your home in Madrid, that the chore of apartment hunting need not be too much of a headache thanks to the professionals at ShMadrid. They have been around a long time now, earning a solid reputation for helping newcomers to the city find an answer to their accommodation problems. Their reputation is founded on the fact that there is always a wide choice of apartments to choose from, to suit every taste and budget. Once your apartment worries have been taken care of, then it is time to enjoy life in this exciting city. If picking mushrooms is not your thing, but you still enjoy eating them, then during wild mushroom season and for a while after you will be able to enjoy the taste of edible funghi, which can be found on restaurant menus, in bars and even in fresh produce departments in corner stores to supermarkets to be prepared at home.

Have you ever picked and eaten your own mushrooms? 

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