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Avulsed: Death Metal made in Madrid

Written by Carolina

Heavy Metal has been a relevant musical genre in Spain since its creation in the 1970s. From then until nowadays, a lot of local bands have arisen, some of which became internationally famous such as Obús and Barón Rojo. Furthermore, while some variants of Metal are less popular than some others (for example, Spanish Black Metal bands are very rare while there are a lot of classic Heavy Metal ones), there are notable bands of a variety of subgenres: Warcry play Power Metal, Saurom play Folk Metal, Angelus Apatrida play Thrash Metal… Like Black Metal, Death Metal seems to not be quite popular in Spain: there are very few bands that play this kind of music, the most popular being Madrid-based Avulsed, which is similar to Cannibal Corpse and Six Feet Under.Members,

Members, albums and style

6301049721_0fef78ff44_zLike most bands of this genre, Avulsed are characterised by a chilling guttural voice, frantic playing, heavy percussion and lyrics about death and gore. The members of the band, who all have an intimidating and aggressive appearance, are the following: Dave Rotten on vocals, guitarists Jose “Cabra” and Juancar, bass player Tana and Arjan van der Wijst on drums. The covers of their albums usually feature gruesome imagery and the titles of their albums also make it evident that their music is on the extreme side. To name a few, you have Carnivoracity (1994), Eminence in Putrescence (1996), and Ritual Zombi (2013). In short, if you are easily shocked, this may not be the most appropriate band for you. Otherwise, you might really enjoy their music even if you are not into this variant of Metal. Since 1991, the year in which Avulsed was founded, they have released five demos, six full-length albums, two live DVDs, four EPs and three compilations and have participated in three split albums. They usually sing in English and write their own music even though they have produced two covers of classic Metal songs: “Neon Knights” by Black Sabbath and the Metal anthem “Ace of Spades” by Motörhead.


22487300204_4d43e0a184_zAvulsed are really intense and impressive live. They put on a lot of energy into playing and the voice sounds just like in the albums. They have toured overseas (in South America, Australia and some Asian countries) and have shared the stage with both underground and famous bands in a number of festivals such as Death Feast Open Air (Germany, 2008), Night Fest Metal 7 (Belgium, 2010) and Killtown Deathfest (Denmark, 2011). They are known for being close with their fans: they have a facebook page with which they interact with their fans and last year they gave a free concert in Parla (a town from Madrid) in which the audience got to pick the songs they played.

What are they up to nowadays?

Right now, they are recording a double album that will be titled Deathgeneration, will be a compilation of their best tracks to celebrate the band’s 25th anniversary and will feature seventeen guest singers! They will give a concert in Madrid on November the 19th so, if you happen to be in the city this day, don’t miss the opportunity of seeing live this extraordinary band! You will find more information about their music and tour dates at their official webpage.

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Carolina is an English Studies graduate, an English teacher, literary translator, bookworm and amateur writer.

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