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Going Back to School in Madrid

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Written by Daniella

As September starts, we all return to our responsibilities after having a lovely summer holiday. The youngest members of the family enthusiastically go back to their schools and classmates for a new school year. But every beginning can be a challenge. It doesn’t only cost energy and take effort to get back into a routine, sometimes schools also cost a lot of money.

In order to start the new school year smoothly and without too many complications, this article by ShMadrid will share some advice on how to positively influence the process of your children going back to school.

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Enjoy a smooth back-to-school transition

First day of school

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Our first advice for the very first day of school is organizing yourself to avoid possible stress on the way to school. Try to be relaxed and start a positive conversation.

Once you have arrived at school, it is time for goodbyes. Keep it short, calm and caring, as this convinces children that they are entering a safe environment, where they will be cared for by other people. It is key to show children school is a safe and secure place.

Get back into routine

You can avoid your children being exhausted after the first few days of school by letting them adapt to a schedule again. Start one or two weeks before, and adjust their time to go to bed and practice getting up earlier in the morning.

Listen and show support

It is perfectly normal for children going back to school to feel scared or uncertain. They are sometimes fearful of having to abide new rules and strict schedules, learning new things, and also being in a new environment.

That is why you have to be there to listen to their fears and respond to their questions or worries. Children can be insecure, and if they are allowed to express those feelings, they can easily be resolved. It will also improve their self-esteem and self-confidence.

Start reading again

As children have to read and study a lot at school, it is advised to have children start opening their books again before the first day of school. You can also help them by getting into the habit again of working on their writing skills. It can improve their writing techniques and help them apply correct spelling rules.

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Less TV, more sports

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No more long days in front of the television or arguing whose turn it is to use the iPad. Start being physically active in the afternoons, preferably together as a family, and prevent everyone from just hanging on the couch for hours and hours.

It is not immediately necessary to have them start training for a marathon, don’t over exaggerate, there are much easier ways. Go to the park together, ride your bicycle with them, or let them try a new sport.

It will not only release stress, it will also make them forget their worries and leave less room for fears.

Get organized for school

You can encourage and motivate your children by preparing their school stuff together. Go to the shopping mall to buy a new backpack, pens, pencils, paint and books. Showing your interest and getting organized together gives them a boost.

If they weren’t already excited, they will be after collecting the right material to go back to school.

Know the new teacher

Teachers have the biggest influence on our children’s education. It is therefore important to know who will be their teacher in the new school year. Don’t wait until parent-teacher meetings to find out who the teacher is. Get to know the teacher before that, or at least ask other families about their experience with this teacher.

What other advice can you give parents of children going back to school?

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