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The Best Hair Straighteners on the Market

Written by Daniella

One of the smaller appliances that most women use to do their hair, is the flat iron hair straightener. If you have very spontaneous, curled hair on your head, which seems to take forever in the morning to get into shape after leaving the shower, using a hair straightener will be an absolute pleasure. Your hair will look impeccable and it will enhance your beauty. That is why today, ShMadrid will tell you all about the most interesting models and brands of this small, but efficient appliance.

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Smooth hair safely – with good results

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The flat iron hair straightener is a small appliance with two plates, that are heated to straighten the hair. You take a strand of hair and pass the hair straigtener along the length of the hair, from the top of your head to the bottom of the strand. The heat of the plates used to cause dry and damaged hair, but right now the plates have been developed, so that the temperature used is lower, but without losing its effectiveness and that’s why it doesn’t damage your hair anymore. There are some tips on how to use the hair straightener, so that it is safe and it fulfills its purpose. First of all, it is not advisable to use the flat iron hair straigtener on wet or damp hair, as it can damage the hair fibers and the result will not be as effective. Usually the correct temperature for optimal hair flattening is at a minimum of 120ºC, although it is advisable not to exceed 160ºC, especially if you have fine hair. When the straightener is hotter, you could even burn your hair. To properly straighten the hair, it should be done strand by strand, from the root to the tip and by slowly moving the straightener. There are several measures and types of plates, from small plates which are ideal for traveling, to thin plates that are perfect for making curls or waves, and medium width plates which are the most versatile, because they can both smoothen and make waves. Finally there are thick plates, which are perfect for smoothing thick or abundant hair. The quality of the iron will determine the level of effect on your hair, so a good quality aplliance will ensure that your hair is kept healthy, shiny and perfect, to show off the style that suits you best. Unfortunately, the fact that a device is of good quality, inevitably implies that its price is higher. But this can be explained easily by better materials, greater reliability, more safety, effectiveness in less time and more versatility. Therefore, if you are looking for a new hair straigtener, it is good to save up a bit longer, to buy a good hair straightener straight away, especially if you use it on a daily basis.

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Photo via Pixabay

Today the team of ShMadrid presents the best flat iron hair straighteners on the market, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs. First of all, we would advise the Pearl from Remington. This is one of the best brands for hair straighteners on the market. Another interesting alternative is the G3 Salon Pro by Karmin, with a technology so advanced, that it can even be used on damaged hair. Then there’s the Keratine Advance from Bosch, which is ideal for women that use keratin treatments. Its price is very affordable. Finally, one of the most favorite and best flat iron hair straightener brands is GHD. Any of its models is of good quality and they have some terrific effects and finishes, and that’s why the price is a bit higher, but still very much worth it.

What hair straightener do you use?

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