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The Best Organic Supermarkets in Madrid

Written by Daniella

Eating healthy and more natural has become more fashionable in recent times. After the agricultural revolution in the last decades of the twentieth century, in which they began to misuse pesticides and chemicals to feed a growing population, it has now been discovered that many chemical products have serious consequences for the human health. For this exact reason, organic and biological agriculture, which is more respectful of land and the food that grows on it, has become the object of desire for consumers seeking a healthier life. Today, this article by ShMadrid will tell you where the best supermarkets with organic products in the capital can be found.

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Where to find organic products in the city of Madrid

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It is increasingly common to find organic food in supermarkets and general stores, so it is not that difficult to find. The organic movement began at the beginning of the 20th century, although it did not have many followers then. Small organizations began to expand rapidly, like Germany’s Demeter International and the UK’s Soil Association. In 1972 these organizations came together to create the International Federation of Organic Agricultural Movements (or Organics International in short), and to promote the creation of certification by the North American Ministry of Agriculture, the USDA Organic Certification. The hippy period and the longing for everything natural in the 60’s and 70’s, made interests in nutritional health increase. It took better care of the conservation of the environment, and little by little more consumers who were afraid of the potential dangers associated with the use of chemical products on food, began to create a trend that still keeps on growing to this day. As a result, there are more and more organic and ecological supermarkets in the capital of Spain. The first one on the list is supermarket chain Bio C Bon.

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Three organic Bio C Bon supermarkets can already be found in Madrid. The first one is at Carrer Lagasca, and in all of them you will find a great offer of food, cosmetics, herbal and home products, which enables you to acquire all your purchases of ecological products in one place. Everything comes from certified organic farming, which means it is being produced with methods that respect the environment, nature and animal welfare, and which substitutes synthetic chemicals for completely natural elements. Another interesting organic supermarket for organic and ecological products is El Huerto de Lucas. Here, even the more demanding customer can find the best, 100% organic products, resulting in freshness and food safety, nutritional value ​​and taste. You can also find many fresh or packaged organic products here. Our last recommendation for purchasing healthy products is Enterbio. It offers fresh produce, superfoods, children’s products, herbal products, and there is a drugstore and cosmetics department, all with pure ecological products.

Do you shop at one of these supermarkets? What is your experience?

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