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Cheap Eats in Madrid’s Centre

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Written by Daniella

Many people dream of enjoying life without having to spend too much on a daily basis… And although that is not always easy, at least there are some cheap eats in the Spanish capital, in order for us to be able to grab a bite with friends and unwind.

Today, this blog article by ShMadrid will tell you about some of these affordable places.

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Lesser known budget restaurants in downtown Madrid

We want you to go out and have fun, even if sometimes you are on a tight budget. If you are scared to open your wallet only to find out there is nothing there, or if you have to use your credit card to pay for a night out, just relax a little and let us tell you where to eat cheap in Madrid’s city centre. Don’t forget to write down our suggestions!

Taberna Malaspina

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This tavern has rustic decorations with iron lamps and the best Spanish cuisine. Taberna Malaspina is the perfect place to go to with friends to have a beer and some delicious food at an affordable price.

Its excellent location makes this tavern one of the city centre’s highlights. And besides this characteristic, the tavern also has a lovely terrace. So eat, drink and have a few good conversations on the terrace, while admiring the city in all its splendour.

Vi Cool

Vi Cool is different from the rest, because of its creative cuisine. It is very different from what you are used to.

It is run by a well-known chef, Sergi Arola, and his wife, which means its culinary dishes are absolutely exquisite. Not only does the food taste wonderful, but it is also beautiful to look at.

There is a great variety of tapas at Vi Cool, and they all have that unique and special touch that really sets them apart from other places. The items on their menu will surprise you, as it consists of new flavours and textures you may never have tasted before.

Anyway, you can also opt for a gourmet burger instead. You’ll find Vi Cool in the neighbourhood of Cortes, close to Puerta del Sol.

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Cervecería La Blanca Paloma

This place looks very relaxed, although you will see peculiar decorative items, like hanging pots and unique walls. Besides normal tables and chairs, you can also enjoy La Blanca Paloma’s many delicious tapas sitting at bar tables with stools.

There are free tapas with every drink you order, and this cafeteria is very popular with people of all ages. This place is so relaxed, that people will often spend hours here. You will find La Blanca Paloma at Calle del Espíritu Santa, in the popular neighbourhood of Malasaña-Universidad.

Bar Sidrería El Tigre

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Photo via Pixabay

If you truly love Madrid’s tapas, then you will definitely adore this place. A beer (or any other drink) is always accompanied by a delicious tapa, so this is the best way to have tapas at an affordable price.

And as the bar is located in the heart of the Chueca neighbourhood, this gives you the best excuse to go to the city centre on an empty stomach and leave it with a full belly.

The bar attracts many people, and it is perfect if you want to eat something together with friends. If the place gets busy, they also offer the possibility to enjoy an aperitif at the bar.

Ciudad de Tui

Ciudad de Tui is in the heart of the capital in the neighbourhood of Sol, at Calle de la Montera. Its location has resulted in it being a meeting point for many people. Its Galician kitchen is tasty and tempting, and one of its specialities is a bowl of rice with a lobster dish.

Meat, fish and seafood dishes are all of good quality, and there is a large selection of wines to accompany the food on your table. Although it may be hard to believe, Ciudad de Tui is very affordable, and they also have a set menu with different appetizing tapas that scores very well with visitors.

Do you know any other budget restaurants?

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