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Coworking in Madrid

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Written by Emily Elwes

As a freelancer, creative type or work-from-home professional often you require an atmosphere change just to keep being productive, social and expanding. The idea of coworking spaces, co-developed in San Francisco in the US and in Berlin but has exploded across the world.

There are a ton of coworking spaces in Madrid that can be accessed easily from your monthly rental in Madrid.

ShMadrid tells you a bit more.

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Everything on coworking in Madrid

The coworking craze

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Coworking was coined by Brad Neuberg in 2005 as a description for a physical space that a group of tech workers shared. The coworking space is different from business accelerators, incubators, and executive suites, in the fact that a coworking space is centered more around the community of the group.

A coworking community is a collaborative group that works together, has a large social part, and worries less about the profit side of the equation. The idea is that different people from different backgrounds can work synergistically to achieve better results in an open and supportive coworking environment.

Like-minded talented people work great together, and this offers a social aspect to it as well. Just remember that coworking can also work against you if you are not productive. Follow the tips in the next section to stay ahead of the curve.

Coworking tips

Sometimes the best aspects of working in a shared space, such as having camaraderie and social peers, can also be its largest detractor when work needs to get done. Follow these tips to keep your productivity level up and the social aspect in check.

1) Make sure you always bring headphones and a charger for your cell phone. The headphones should be of the noise-canceling variety and provide a way to focus on your current tasks, while at the same time letting others know that you are busy. By exuding a working posture with headphones, most others will realize work needs to be done.

2) Another way to get quite a time is to book quiet meeting spaces early in the morning or late in the day when most conversations are conducted.

3) Another part of working in a shared space is being able to set up a routine so that those around you know when you are busy and when you have time for socialization, collaboration and general chatting.

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Coworking Madrid

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As with any other major city in Europe and North America, Madrid has developed a large number of coworking spaces. Trying to find the best shared workspace in Madrid can be a daunting task, as it has one of the highest percentages in the Western world.

Understanding what you are expecting from the shared workspace, whether you want one that focuses on your industry or one that includes various industries, your monthly budget and expected amenities will help you in your ultimate choice.

One of the best online sites for coworking in Spain is Comunidad Coworking, but you can also check out and

Spend some time visiting a few coworking spaces in Madrid to figure out which one has the best vibe, amenities and meets your specific goals, before committing money out-of-pocket. Ensuring that it is close to your accommodation in Madrid will also cut down on monthly travel costs.

Do you enjoy coworking in Madrid? What is your secret?

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