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Día de la Hispanidad 2018

Written by Laura

Día de la Hispanidad, Spain’s national day that celebrates all things Spanish, is one of the most important days in the Spanish state in which the nation’s armed forces and national pride are the protagonists. Nearly all countries have this type of celebration, where citizens commemorate their culture and characteristics throughout the towns and cities of their nation, with the focus on the country’s growth and contributions to global evolution. The día de Hispanidad in Spain is a day when citizens raise up Spanish patriotism and commemorate their culture and contributions to the world throughout history. Today in this article from ShMadrid we will be talking about the día de Hispanidad that is celebrated in the Spanish capital on October 12.

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Día de la Hispanidad, a proud day for Spaniards

Photo credit: Oscar Minyo on Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-ND

As stated earlier, the día de Hispanidad on October 12 is the big day of the Spanish state, in which patriotism and love for all things Spanish are celebrated. One of the most eye-catching aspects is the great procession of armed forces that organize in the capital of Spain in honor of this day. It is here that the head of state, the king Felipe VI, resides, along with the president and the highest representatives of the state powers and presidents of the the autonomous regions, with the parade of each and every one of military strata who present themselves in their best finery. This solemn procession is celebrated in the capital and begins in the intersection of calle Gral. de Rey and calle Huesca until the meeting of Av. de la Pax with calle de Juan XXIII. In the middle of both of these intersections stands the royal assembly with all the government representatives, precisely at the cross of calle Gral. Vara de Rey – Av. Pérez Galdós – Av. Pío XII. Along with the procession, you can also see an excellent aerial show performed by the nation’s Air Force pilots and a representation of the national flag.

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Photo by ucedaman via / CC BY-NC-ND

Ultimately, the día de la Hispanidad is the day that commemorates the country’s ancient history, its accomplishments up until now and the potential milestones it will reach in the future. Although the military display is impressive, the goal of this day is not simply to exhibit the country’s strength and intimidate other countries with their military force, but to demonstrate their brotherhood and unity with the international community through their contribution of their arsenal and willingness to help the international community in times of crisis or danger. Therefore, it is not a day that deals simply with showing force, but demonstrating cooperation and collaboration with allied countries. It is due to all this, and the ultimate goal of paying homage to Spanish culture, characteristics and successful contributions throughout its history, that the day of October 12 is one of the most notorious anniversaries in Spain.

*Main photo by Oscar in the middle via VisualHunt

Have you attended events for the día de Hispanidad? What did you think?

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