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Best Family-Friendly Neighbourhoods in Madrid

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Written by Daniella

Finding a nice place to live with your family can sometimes be complicated in Madrid, especially because neighbourhoods with lots of services and facilities do not have many parks and playgrounds or places with little traffic to take your children to. But in the end, it all depends on knowing how to search for your ideal home, and that is why today, in this article on the ShMadrid blog, we want to share the best family-friendly neighbourhoods in the capital.

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Enjoy family life in Madrid

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In the southern part of the city, the Los Rosales neighbourhood stands out, and you can find relatively affordable housing here, with almost 70% of the apartments being more than 60 square meters big. Add to this fact that the neighbourhood has many schools, kindergartens and markets, and you have found the perfect place for your family.

The Comillas and Portazgo neighbourhoods are similar to Los Rosales, and in both neighbourhoods the majority of homes are more than 60 square metres big. There are plenty of services for families, although there are not as many as in Los Rosales. Both buying and renting is still quite affordable here, and the neighbourhoods are nice and quiet, which is ideal for families with children or for retired people.

In the northern part of Madrid you will also encounter interesting neighbourhoods, if you have a family with children. In Alameda de Osuna, prices are much higher than in the previously mentioned neighbourhoods, but it is worth checking out if you prefer a larger house (more than 90 square meters). There are also many services and numerous green zones in this area.

Districts with high quality educational facilities are El Retiro and Fuencarral-El Pardo, but Hortaleza is also well-known for its schools. The part of the city called Moncloa-Aravaca should, of course, be added to this list.

If you are looking for good private schools, you will usually find them in the more exclusive parts of the city. There are, for example, many private schools in the Salamanca area, and students score good average grades here, but with eleven public schools you have more options to choose from, as average grades here are higher than those in other areas.

Fuente del Berro is an area close to the Salamanca neighbourhood, and demands for property in this area are on the increase. Villas and apartments in Fuente del Berro are ideal for families and single people, or for anyone who wants to live in the centre without having to give up their peace and quiet.

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Conde Orgaz/Arturo Soria is a residential area close to the city centre, and you will be able to enjoy its large parks and green zones. There are shopping centres, supermarkets and other important services and facilities. Families with small children favour this area.

Valdebebas is also located in the northern part of the city, and this is a recently constructed residential neighbourhood, that is very popular with young families with children. Services and public transport are still being developed, but a lot has already been invested in housing. Residential buildings consist of very comfortable, large apartments with gardens, a swimming pool, etc… We should not forget to mention its proximity to the 470 hectares big Parque de Felipe VI.

Our last neighbourhood for families is Puerta de Hierro. This is a very exclusive, residential colony in the northeastern part of Madrid. In this striking neighbourhood with large villas and green zones, you will also be able to enjoy private security. It is located only 10 km from Madrid, and for those who are looking for an exclusive setting, this is absolutely the place to be if you prefer safe and quiet living. Many families with children attending private schools call this neighbourhood their home.

Is there another good area in Madrid for families?

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