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Gay Pride Madrid

Written by Daniella

Just as the past couple of years, Gay Pride (or Madrid Orgullo – in short Mado), a festival that celebrates diversity and tolerance, will be held in Madrid next July. It is expected to be a great success, as almost the entire political arena of the Community of Madrid has approved of the event. It not only carries a message, it is also a lot of fun, and it is one of the most famous Gay Prides in Europe. And that is exactly why many people come to the Spanish capital during the days of the celebrations. Today, this article by ShMadrid tells you all about Gay Pride 2019.

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Pride festival celebrations in Madrid

Photo via Pixabay

As in previous years, the beginning of summer is a moment many tolerant and empowered people have been waiting for, because this is when Gay Pride Madrid takes place. Flags and garlands start appearing in the neighbourhood of Chueca (the neighbourhood that symbolises the LGTBIQA+ community) and they announce a big party, but the event actually takes place throughout the whole city, with activities at Plaça de Pedro Zerolo, Plaça del Rey, Puerta del Sol and Puerta de Alcalá. These activities mark the start of the LGTBIQA+ Pride celebrations, and they are a true example of the city of Madrid: open, cosmopolitan and diverse. After the great success of previous editions, Madrid has turned into one of the best LGTBIQA+ destinations in the world. And this year on July 3, singer Monica Naranjo will be the leading character during the opening act of Gay Pride, that will take place at Plaça de Pedro Zerolo. But first things first, because the extensive programme of events and cultural activities will start before the official opening act, on June 28, and it is all based on the 50th anniversary of the StoneWall riots, the origin of the LGTB community. The demonstration, which forms the climax of Gay Pride, will take place on July 6, and it will go from Atocha to Plaça de Colón. This year’s motto is ‘Elderly out of the Closet: History, struggle and memory!’. The Madrid Pride parade will begin at 17:30 at Atocha and will run along the Passeig del Prado and Passeig de Recoletos, expected to arrive at Plaça Colón around 00:30.

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Photo via Pixabay

The 2019 Gay Pride programme will be as follows: Friday 28 June 2019: 50th Anniversary of Stonewall. The neighbourhoods of Malasaña, Las Letras, Lavapiés and Chueca will be the stage of many events and activities during the celebrations of Pride 2019. Monday 1 July 2019: Inauguration Madrid Summit 2019. Madrid Summit is part of a study, with the objective of exploring every area of society and every day life in which LGTBIQA+ people experience discrimination or inequality. Every issue will be addressed from a cross-cutting perspective, considering the multiple dimensions and elements of the LGTBIQA+ community. Wednesday 3 July 2019: Opening speech at 18:00 at Plaça de Pedro Zerolo. Mónica Naranjo will be the opening act of the 2019 Pride festivities. The opening act will be the official start of 5 days of music, party and other activities, that will fill the streets of Madrid. Thursday 4 July 2019: High heel race in Carrer de Pelayo in Chueca, around 17:00. Friday 5 July 2019: 12th edition of Mister Gay Pride Spain. Saturday 6 July 2019: Madrid Gay Pride Parade. Sunday 7 July 2019: Closing ceremony Mado’19: The last activity of Madrid Gay Pride 2019.

Will you take part in Gay Pride 2019?

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