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If You Need a Lawyer in Madrid

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Written by damien

Every country in the world needs to have its rules and regulations, and a working legal system, with Spain being no exception. Anyone coming to live in Madrid should be alert and mature enough to realize that the laws of the country have to be upheld and the chances are that during any length of stay in Madrid the need to employ the services of a lawyer might crop up.

If this is the case, then it will be reassuring to know that dealing with lawyers in Madrid can be a relatively painless and certainly not an overly expensive exercise if handled properly.

ShMadrid tells you more.

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Why you might need a lawyer

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The chances are that the first, and hopefully the only encounter, most residents of Madrid will have with a lawyer is when they are either buying or renting an apartment in the city.

However newcomers, before spending hours scouring the Yellow Pages, know that the team from ShMadrid will be happy to advise you on the best lawyers to choose.

Once you have found a new place to live, the removal process is over and you’re settled in, don’t be so hasty to throw away the lawyer’s number, especially if you have been happy with their services. You never know when you might need in the future.

What you need to understand from the offset is that lawyers in Madrid, as is the case throughout the world, like to charge for their services and as much as possible. They usually charge by the hour and are big believers in minimum charges.

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Paying for a lawyer

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That translates to even if you want to ask them a simple question that would take two minutes to answer then be prepared to put them the minimum hourly fee.

And if you have a question the following day that would also take two minutes to answer be prepared to pay for another hour. In other words, before consulting with a lawyer in Madrid it is important – and considerably less expensive – to do your homework first.

In the event that you come up against a legal issue and your income is not sufficient for you to pay even the minimum hourly fee, you’ll be pleased to discover that there is a free legal aid system in place, although you really need to be short of money to take advantage of it, as well as having a skin thick enough to deal with an ongoing battle against bureaucracy.

Life in Madrid can be very pleasant and even more so if you can spend your time in the city without needing the services of a lawyer.

If you find a good one who understands your culture and language, any legal dealings you have may well be a lot more straightforward and hopefully less expensive.

Have you used the services of a lawyer in Madrid? Any advice?

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