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Five Reasons to Fall in Love with Madrid

Written by damien

Madrid is one of Europe’s most enjoyable and lively capitals. Those who have experienced the city often find themselves listing great reasons to live there or even just visit for a while. ShMadrid has come up with five good reasons to love the capital of Spain.

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Non-stop rhythm

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Madrid is known for its upbeat energy and exhilarating vitality. The city has friendly locals and expatriates, students, businesspeople, and tourists all note that it’s easy to feel a part of everything while living there. What’s more, with dinner hours typically starting at 10pm, nightlife doesn’t end until dawn. If you go out, don’t expect to return to your hotel any time before 2am.


Madrid has a stunning architecture. From ancient opulence to contemporary streamlining, buildings here provide terrific eye candy. There are several extraordinary palaces filled with art. On the Gran Via, you’ll find buildings everywhere that are excellent examples of the modernist style.

The weather

Madrid sits at the highest elevation of any capital city in Europe, and as such, it enjoys a dry climate and strikingly clear skies, with an average of 3,000 hours of sunshine per year! Madrid offers the tidbit that many locals (known as Madrilenos) claim that at their city’s altitude of 650 meters above sea level, its sunshine and evening light are one of their favorite things.

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Madrid is considered to have the best shopping in all of Spain, which is saying something in a country known for its gorgeously crafted leather footwear, hand-woven rugs, and intricate jewelry. The city’s shops provide a spectacularly sophisticated selection, with unique buys in everything from clothes and accessories to jewels and furniture. You’ll have no trouble bringing bags stuffed with amazing goodies back to your aparthotel in Madrid, if your budget allows.


The last reason is a very practical one to live in Madrid: the convenience it offers for seeing the rest of the country. The city is the literal center of Spain, which is why it was chosen as the country’s capital in the 16th century. As such, all roads truly do lead to Madrid, which means that using it as a base, just about every place else in Spain becomes accessible within an inexpensive train trip of four hours or less.

What’s your reason for living in Madrid or visiting the city regularly?

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