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Madrid and its Summer Tourism

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Written by Daniella

Madrid is visited by many tourists, as it is the capital of Spain and also one of the most important European capitals. Madrid is, however, not a very popular summer destination due to its distance from the coast. Many tourists after all, automatically picture sun and beaches when they think of Spain.

Anyway, for anyone who is interested, this article by ShMadrid will shine a little light on Madrid ‘s summer tourist profiles.

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Knowing more about Madrid’s summer tourism

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The tourist market share in the Community of Madrid, and this includes the capital, is evenly divided between national and international tourism. Half of the total number of travellers (8,358,498 in 2014) that visit the capital annually come from Spain, and the other half are from abroad.

The classic profile visiting Madrid’s capital consists of tourists who travel frequently and who spend more than any of the other profiles. They show great environmental and cultural interest and they are usually satisfied with what they have experienced on their travels.

Of the 10,000 people that have been surveyed by the Dirección General de Turismo for this report, more than half (54.6%) were between 25 and 44 years old. A third of the people that have been surveyed travel as a couple, which is more than single travellers (23.28%), people who travel with their family (21.27%), people who travel with friends (17.84%) or people who travel with an organized group (3.58%). Around 92% of the people plan and organize their trip themselves.

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crystal palace with pond and garden in madrid

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International tourists mostly come from the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, France and Germany. Besides this large group of visitors, there are also people visiting from Portugal, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, Japan, China, Argentina, the Netherlands and Belgium.

North American tourists are the biggest spenders, followed by France, Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Portugal, Switzerland, Canada and Belgium, and then followed by Greece, Luxembourg, Canada, Russia, Austria, Portugal and the Netherlands.

According to latest studies by Madrid City Council on tourists that visit the city of Madrid, aspects that are valued most by Madrid’s visitors are: its gastronomy, its transport infrastructure, its nightlife and the open and hospitable nature of Madrid’s residents.

Moreover, when the city was compared to other destinations, this resulted in Madrid being the best city to visit in terms of hospitality, nightlife, gastronomy and transport infrastructure.

Once tourists are in Madrid, they love to visit the city centre (41%), museums (26%), the Royal Palace (6%), Retiro Park (4%) and the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium (4%), as well as the city’s surroundings. The municipalities that are most being visited are: El Escorial (44%), Aranjuez (27%) and Alcalá de Henares (11%).

85% of the people who were surveyed travelled particularly for leisure purposes, 36.70% wanted to explore cultural activities and 35.67% of those surveyed were interested in traditions.

36.70% were aiming at good value for money. The percentage of tourists that were seeking luxury and exclusivity exceeds 5%. Approximately 14.50% were interested in activities and experiences with children.

What information can you add to Madrid’s tourist profile?

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