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Areas of Madrid to Visit for a Few Days

Written by damien

Madrid known as one of the top tourist destination in the world, being ranked as number 7 has a lot to offer. The history, art and culture of Madrid   have retained their great interesting and attractive aspect. Millions of people have come to visit Madrid, and some even decided to permanently nest on the said place.

Aside from its history, arts and culture, Madrid also has a lot to offer the visitors. People can do a lot of adventures in the place, from mountains to its beaches. These attractions are also the main factors why influx of tourists in Madrid is quiet high. Its Flora and Fauna adds appeal to its natural beauty.

At the center of the city, development can also be seen from structures built in centuries to modern age infrastructures. The sumptuous food is another thing Madrid could offer to guests and tourists.

With the long list of probable factors why Madrid makes it as one of the best tourist attraction in the world, we have decided to look for the top 5 areas to recommend the visitors must visit.

Here is the list of places to visit in Madrid Central:

  1. Segovia – This is where alcazar can be found, the building where said Disney’s story of Sleeping Beauty was based.
  2. Alcalá – Known as the birthplace of the great author, next to William Shakespeare, William de Cervantes. The famous aqueduct can also be found here.
  3. El Escorial – It is Spain’s most impressive royal site. This is where most of the Spanish Kings and Queens were buried.
  4. Toledo – This is the capital of Spain before Madrid. It has synagogues, mosques and churches of gothic structures which are lavishly decorated inside.

These areas are considered and in fact rated as the best. We therefore suggest that you include these places in your itinerary when you plan to go to Madrid, Spain. Of course, in your itinerary, a place to stay in while in Madrid must be your top priority and there is no better agency that could handle the said need but ShMadrid.

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There are lots of places to choose for short term housing in Madrid, however, the task of searching for the right and best place must be handled by experienced and professional people. This is to ensure that the quality of your stay in Madrid will be wonderful and memorable.

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