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Madrid Winter Festival

Written by damien

Whether you just rented a flat in Madrid for a vacation rental one of the must-see events in this great city is the Madrid Winter Festival. Now do not be fooled, this is not the typical winter festival celebrating snow or winter sports, but it is a winter festival dedicated to music and electronic music. So if you love music, clubbing, techno music, electronica and the major headliners of Europe all available at one big party, then ShMadrid thinks this is the event for you.

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Details Madrid Winter Festival

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Essentially the Madrid Winter Festival is an open air music festival located about 40 minutes northeast of Madrid in the sleepy town of Moralzarzal. Although the venue is an open-air venue it is still covered with a roof that can open. So depending on the weather during the day it could be a truly open air event but still provide the protection of cover if needed. The 2014 event was held in January and lasted a total of 15 hours with a host of acts that included Richie Hawtin, headlining the event, with others that included Loco Dice, Chris Liebing and Scuba. The event each year is limited in the amount of tickets that are released to around 9000 tickets. As the event sells out fast, it is best to pre-book both your tickets and your vacation rental in Madrid. If you are not familiar with techno, electronica or techno dance music it was founded during the 80s in Detroit, Michigan, USA. It was founded on the melding of electronic music from a number of influential bands during the 1980s, combined with futuristic and fictional themes relative to life in America in a capitalist society. Stylistically the music is generally a repetitive instrumental track that is used for continuous DJ set. It includes various American styles such as funk, jazz, electro, electric jazz and Chicago house styles.

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Photo via Pixabay

However, as with all music styles, it is grown globally and has been changed, modified or tailored to different tastes around the world. The European techno scene is one that is vibrant, as can be witnessed by the Madrid Music Festival. The headliner of the festival in 2014 was English-born, Canadian-raised Richie Hawtin. Born in England in 1970, but immigrated to Windsor, Ontario, Canada when he was only nine years old and was highly influenced by the beginnings of the techno music movement developing across the river in Detroit. As one of the premier and early developers of different techno sub-genres, Richie Hawtin is a true pioneer in the music art style and has been prodigious in producing many albums and music compilations. By having Richie headline the event was a stroke of genius by the festival. If you are techno music lover, then this is one event you will not want to miss. Enjoy the delights of Madrid from the comfort of your rental flat while being able to be close to the show and enjoy 15 hours of techno music. ShMadrid is definitely looking forward to Madrid Winter Festival in the next few years!

What is your favourite music event in Madrid?

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