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Visit the Mercado de San Fernando

Written by damien

There are those that say that there is no better way of getting the feel for a new city than to go where the locals go, eat what the locals eat and shop where the locals shop. That’s why making a trip to the renovated Mercado de San Fernando, situated in the center of every heart of the Lavapiés district of Madrid has to be a good way of providing you with a feel for the city. Today ShMadrid will join you on a lovely trip to the market. Don’t forget your camera!

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The market of San Fernando

Photo via Visualhunt

Like any open market anywhere in the world the Mercado de San Fernando is not only a hive of activity, filled with all the fruits and vegetables of the seasons, bringing with them all of the numerous tastes, colors and smells of the city. In recent years the city authorities of Madrid have invested heavily in reviving the food markets of the city, and not only the Mercado de San Fernando but all the rest of the city’s other five markets which are undergoing a revival as part of an urban renewal program which began in 1998.

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Photo via Visualhunt

Despite undergoing an entire internal renovation, the city council has made tremendous efforts to maintain the facade of the building is its original element, maintaining the charm of the Mercado de San Fernando, which was built in 1944, is situated in one of the most characteristic urban areas of Madrid, a short walk away from another city landmark, the Old Pious School. If you are considering making Madrid your home, then visiting the Mercado de San Fernando should be high on your list. You can also look at some markets via the official tourism website of Madrid.

Do you have a favourite ‘mercado’ in Madrid? Why this one?

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