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Accommodation in Madrid

Madrid’s Mountains Versus the Centre of Madrid

Written by Daniella

When it comes to choosing a neighbourhood in Madrid to live in, you can have many doubts before deciding. The areas that offer a wide range of shopping and leisure options generally tend to lack peace and quiet, the same way quieter parts of the city tend to have less shops and other services.

If you are thinking of moving to the capital to live here, this article by ShMadrid might be useful to you, as it focuses on the advantages of Madrid’s mountains versus the centre of Madrid.

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Choose your perfect residential area in Madrid

apartment buildings in madrid

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For those deciding to come and live in Madrid, it is always a dilemma whether to live in a peaceful area or right in the middle of all the hustle and bustle. Today we have another option for you, and that is checking out the possibility of living in residential areas located near Madrid’s mountains. On the opposite, you can also opt for the busiest parts of the capital, where you will enjoy more services and facilities.

Madrid’s Centro neighbourhood is the nerve centre of the city. You will find practically everything you need in this zone.

There are many different shops, from large shopping centers and big fashion brands, to franchises and retail stores. They all stand out for their creativity and special merchandise in this part of the city.

In addition to shopping options, there are plenty of public services as well, such as schools, supermarkets, libraries, kindergartens or health care centres. You will not need to look any further for these services.

The leisure and gastronomic offer in the city centre is also huge, as there are many restaurants, bars, discos, cinemas and theatres for every taste.

To summarize, the central part of the capital suits anyone who likes to have all services within walking distance of their home, who enjoys an excellent public transport network that allows them to travel to any area within the city, and who wants to experience the true essence of Madrid.

The centre of Madrid is, logically, extremely vibrant. Many people travel between the outskirts and the centre of the city, resulting in the presence and, consequently, noise of both vehicles and people.

The apartments in the city centre are usually medium of size, and prices are very high, as they are in most central parts in any city.

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mountains near madrid

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Mostly young professionals, couples without children, cosmopolitan and active people, or those who enjoy leisure and culture activities, prefer to live in this exciting part of the city.

Madrid’s mountains and its direct surroundings include several residential municipalities. They tend to be the more affluent areas, where the amount of services and commercial zones depend on its population density.

Peace and quiet are its main characteristics. The air you breath is still pure, and the quality of life here is absolutely better. Properties are usually large, spacious and bright, with high quality building structures and finishes.

If you decide on living in an apartment block, you often benefit from communal areas, such as a garden and swimming pool. Most of the times these perks also apply to villas and semi-detached houses, but then they are, of course, private.

When you live outside of the city, travelling to the city centre of Madrid can be done by bus and train, although many residents usually drive their private car.

Families that are not limited by budget fit the profile for living in this area. People who enjoy the outdoors and who like to be able to use more exclusive facilities, such as sports areas with tennis courts or golf courses, also prefer living in these municipalities.

What location would you prefer?

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