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Museums to Visit in Madrid during the Summer Months

exterior almudena museum madrid
Written by Daniella

When visiting any city, you always want to check out their museums, as every place has something interesting and inspiring to offer.

There are some museums you must absolutely visit when you are staying in your short-term rental in Madrid, and then there are other museums that go more unnoticed. This is not because they are not interesting for tourists, but they do tend to be more fascinating for scholars in certain fields, students or enthusiasts of specific subjects.

Today, the team from ShMadrid will share a few museums with you in this article, that are worth visiting when you are in the Spanish capital this summer.

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Fascinating museums in Madrid

The Lázaro Galdiano Museum

exterior lazaro galdiano museum madrid

Photo by Uncommon Fritillary via Visualhunt

The Lázaro Galdiano Museum opened on January 27, 1951, after its collection was inventoried by Emilio Camps Cazorla (1903-1952). The owner, José Lázaro Galdiano, wished for his collection to serve educational purposes and he also wanted future generations to take pleasure in everything he had collected during his life.

The museum displays 4,820 pieces on the building’s four different floors, and each floor and hall is provided with information on its objects. This allows visitors to discover and fully enjoy the quality and variety of the museum’s collection.

Besides regularly lending works to national and international exhibitions, the museum also develops exhibition projects made up exclusively of works from its own collection (1959-2012).

The Almudena Cathedral Museum

In the year 2000, Madrid’s Cathedral Chapter began to explore possibilities of introducing a Cathedral museum. The objective would be to show its history and artistic assets.

The museum’s mission is: the conservation, research and exhibition of patrimonial assets from the Cathedral’s Chapter.

By selecting and exhibiting some of its works, they are showing visitors some of the church’s history, by displaying elements of Catholic faith and liturgy.

Pieces have been selected according to a certain blueprint, and it starts with a presentation of Madrid’s diocese and then continues with the founding of the Cathedral, the bishop’s role in the church, the origin of worshiping Santa María de la Almudena and its consolidation in the course of history. It ends with the memorial of San Isidro Labrador (Isidore the Farmer), who was as an example of medieval Christianity in Madrid.

The second part of the tour shows a varied selection of religious pieces of art, with Catholic liturgy and the seven sacraments on display.

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The Prado Museum

exterior prado museum madrid

Photo via Pixabay

Since its opening in 1819 and all throughout its history, the National Prado Museum has fulfilled the important mission of preserving, exhibiting and expanding its collections and works of art.

The contents of the museum are intimately linked with Spanish history, and here you will discover some of the finest art works of recognised universal value at display.

The building of the National Prado Museum was ordered by Carlos III and designed by architect Juan de Villanueva in 1785. It was originally constructed to house the Natural History Cabinet, but Queen María Isabel de Braganza eventually decided to dedicate the building to the Prado museum.

Have you visited any of these museums? What did you like best?

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