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Going to the Opera in Madrid

Written by Daniella

Opera is one of the most valued of performing arts and it is an art that requires more technique, both acting and vocal. Its elegance and majesty has always been linked to the upper class, and it has an acoustic and sensory pleasure, that was only believed destined for the sensitive aristocracy, far from the sensual debauchery of cabaret or the music hall, and far from the unbridled passions of mass sports. But more and more people who love music, regardless of their social status, have discovered a world of contained emotions, elegant and delicate, in classical music, and opera in particular. Today, this ShMadrid article will show you all about opera and where to enjoy a good opera in the capital of Spain.

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Teatro Real, the coliseum of opera and classical music in Madrid

Photo via Pixabay

Opera is one of the most interesting performing arts and it has a long tradition in the West. Its difficulty lies in the great vocal demand and the refined technique that is needed to achieve the tones required by the genre. On the other hand, the interpretative capacity is also very important, as it is necessary to show emotions without the lack of control of the voice. Traditionally, this show has been linked to the wealthy classes, since attending the opera became a social event, that required women to wear the best clothes and shiniest jewelry. Nowadays everyone can be in the audience of an opera. To buy your tickets and visit the opera building, doens’t require to have paraphernalia and education anymore. To have respect for the actors, something basic when attending a live theater in public, is what counts now. There are some varieties in musical theater, that are intimately linked to opera. This is the case with zarzuela, strongly rooted in Spanish culture, and in English and American musicals. Musical theater is a genre on the rise, thanks to the spectacularity and complexity of the performances, which require technique, containment and emotion.

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Photo via Pixabay

The Teatro Real in Madrid is the temple of performing arts in general, and that of opera in particular. The theater is a reference in the national and international opera world, its artistic programming always seeking excellence, pampering the traditional and contemporary lyric repertoire, which includes twentieth century music and the latest trends, in order to offer the public a space to discover the best artists and creators. On the other hand, it looks for a way to reach new audiences and to spread the opera among the youth. Part of their success is undoubtedly due to the quality of the choir and orchestra of the Teatro Real, an essential part for the show to be excellent. The Teatro Real is located at Plaza de Isabel II (without house number), in the center of Madrid.

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