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Finding an Apartment in Madrid that Accepts Pets

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Written by Daniella

Many people in the big city have pets nowadays. Pets are always there, they comfort us, they become our best friends and they are a part of the family. So when we decide to move to another place, we need to make at least sure that our pet can come with us.

If you are thinking of renting a property with your beloved cat or dog, you should be aware that not every property owner accepts pets, especially not in furnished apartments. Providing yourself with basic information and reading the small print in a rental contract is an absolute must. This article by ShMadrid will inform you on how to find apartments that accept pets.

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Living in a rental apartment in Madrid with your furry friend

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Most furnished rental apartments do not allow pets, and the reason is actually quite simple. Property owners do not want to run the risk of a pet damaging furniture or the interior of the apartment, as they will have to replace or repair it before the next tenant enters the apartment.

Unfurnished flats, however, are usually less of a problem, although there are still a few owners that will not allow pets. When you have a pet and are looking for a new apartment, first check the rental contract, and then talk with the property owner or the real estate agency. After discussing it, it might still be a possibility the rental contract can be altered on accepting cats or dogs in the apartment.

There are several important elements that have a direct impact on the success of you taking your pet to a new location: information is essential, so the neighbourhood should at least be appropriate if you have a dog. You should read the contract carefully, and maybe consider an extra insurance. Then it is just a matter of using the right search engines to find a rental apartment on the internet that allows pets.

In case you have a dog, race and size can be factors that determine whether a property owner allows the animal in the property or not. Additionally, a responsible owner can do something extra to find a suitable apartment for himself and the dog.

You can provide vaccination records to show that you take good care of your pet and its health. You can also train your dog well to avoid any behavioural problems. Try to get a letter of recommendation from your vet, your previous property owner or previous neighbours. These can be valuable documents to help a new property owner decide on allowing your pet in the apartment.

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Besides the measures mentioned above, you can also take out a pet insurance, which will cover any damage the pet may cause to the apartment. Allowing pets into a rental apartment does not, however, automatically mean the apartment will be damaged.

If you do face the situation of your furry friend having torn the apartment nearly apart, you will be responsible for paying for repairs and/or replacements. And that is why property owners are sensitive to the fact of you taking out extra insurance. This will make it much easier to persuade a property owner to accept your pet in the contract.

When you start searching the internet for apartments that allow pets, use additional filters. By applying the right filter, you will surely be able to find apartments in one of Madrid’s fascinating districts.

Do you have a pet? Have you had problems finding an apartment because of your pet?

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