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Pet Behaviour Experts in Madrid

Written by Daniella

People with pets would often like to change the behaviour of their pets, either because they make life at home complicated or because they have problems being near other animals, which can trigger serious aggression problems. Given the great increase of humans who share their life with a pet, ethologists, or animal behaviour professionals, are the last resort for many people who do not know how to handle their pets anymore. A behavioural expert can also be useful, if you are concerned about behaviour or reactions. Today, this article by ShMadrid will tell you more about pet ethologists in the capital.

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Consult an expert to improve pet behaviour

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An ethologist is a professional who studies animal behaviour within the domain of experimental psychology, which belongs to biology. The objectives of ethologists are studying the behaviour, the instinct and the relationship with the environment of different animal species, as well as the discovery of patterns, that guide natural or learnt activity. Thus, ethologists have studied in animal aspects such as aggression, mating, behavioural development and animal socialization. In general, people with pets often face problems of coexistence, unusual behaviour or misunderstanding their pets. This can lead to, sometimes very serious, conflicts, as the animal can get aggressive with family members, strangers or other animals. Many people opt for abandonment and sometimes even euthanasia, if they think their pet can not be treated or rehabilitated. But the truth is that an ethologist that is specialized in a specific species, can help to correct behaviour, and thus you are able to avoid resorting to drastic and unfair measures for your pet.

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It is very common to find animal behaviour professionals working in veterinary centres, so for the most usual questions about the behaviour of your cat or dog, you can consult them. But you may have more severe problems with your pet, like aggressiveness, separation anxiety or socialization problems. This can be the reason furniture, decorations or other objects in your home are targeted by your pet during your absence. It can be hard to handle your dog outside on a leash when other dogs come near, let alone they can play peacefully together. The arrival of a new family member, whether human or another animal, can also make your pet behave strangely. All these cases are good reasons to contact an animal behaviour expert, like Lealcan. This is a dog training center in Madrid, that has prestigious ethologists to correct unwanted behaviour. You can also ask Etología Veterinaria for advice. They help assess and improve strange or worrying behaviour in, mainly, cats and dogs. Our last recommendation is Holistic Cat, a feline educator and cat psychologist, that has had extensive training in cat behaviour.

Have you ever consulted an animal behaviour professional?

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