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Accommodation in Madrid

Requirements to Rent an Apartment in Madrid

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Written by Daniella

Many people dream of living in a city like Madrid, as it is one of Europe’s greatest capitals. Besides couples who are interested in moving to one of Madrid’s suburbs to start their lives, there are also students who want to study at a prestigious Madrid university.

Other young adults are attracted by job opportunities that are available in the Spanish capital. So today, this article by ShMadrid will tell you more about what is required to rent an apartment in the capital.

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What you need to rent an apartment in Madrid

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Renting an apartment in the Spanish capital means you will need to take care of a few essentials, that are in compliance with current legislation.

We always advise you to rent legally in order to avoid problems in a later stadium, because these problems can really make your life a misery…

1. What you need to know as a property owner

A landlord must be fully aware of his or her rights and obligations, for example:

  • After one year into the contract a landlord is allowed to terminate this contract, if he needs the property for himself, other family members or a spouse. By law, he must notify the tenant two months in advance.
  • A landlord is not allowed to request a deposit that is worth more than two months of rent. This limit did not exist in previous laws.
  • The landlord is allowed to keep part of the deposit if, after the contract has ended, there are still utility costs to be paid or damages to the property to be repaired. Signs of normal use of a property can never be considered as damages.
  • If the tenant has made changes to the property without the permission of the landlord, the landlord has the right to require the property to be returned in its original state and without any compensation for it.
  • The landlord is allowed to cancel the rental contract and evict the tenant, if he or she has not paid the required monthly rent on time. The landlord must then officially demand for rent to be paid in court, and if a tenant doesn’t answer within ten working days, or if the tenant accepts the eviction, that is the end of the procedure. In the event a tenant hasn’t been paying rent, a landlord is allowed to keep the deposit to cover for unpaid rent.

2. Always make sure the contract is legal

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The Ley de Arrendamientos Urbanos (LAU or Urban Leasing Act) regulates real estate rentals, and every rental contract must comply with this law. The contract must be simple, clear and to the point.

It must contain necessary clauses, so that property owner and tenant both know what to abide by and when they are in breach of the contract.

This way all parties are aware of legal regulations that are in force, and it will then be the basis for solving any problems that might occur during the time of the rental contract.

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3. Only rent a property with a certificate of habitability

It is of the utmost importance the property has a certificate of habitability, in order to be able to rent it. This document is issued by an architect, and it certifies that the property meets all necessary technical conditions for a person to live in it. The owner must apply for it, and it must be obtained before you sign the contract.

4. The property must have an energy efficiency certificate

By law, every rental property is obliged to have an energy certificate, and it must include objective information on the property’s energy characteristics.

The property’s energy label will show annual energy consumption under normal conditions of occupation and usage. The energy label will depict any letter from A (green and most efficient) to G (red and least efficient).

What is your best advice when renting an apartment?

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