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Restaurants in Madrid with Light Meals

Written by Daniella

We would all like to eat light and healthy, especially since specialists have indicated that our food is responsible for a big part of our future health. Processed foods, industrial agriculture, food chemicals and added hormones have become normal in the agricultural sector, and they have become our Achilles heel, affecting our health and causing various diseases, some of them even fatal. That is why it is important to eat good quality food with seasonal produce and only light preparations. Today, this article by ShMadrid will focus on where you can have light meals in the capital.

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Discover the healthiest restaurants in the capital

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Healthy and light food is normal practice for those who take good care of themselves and for those living a healthy life. And that is why restaurants have adapted their menus, looking for a higher quality, local and organic produce. Many people go to restaurants or bars on a daily basis, and because of this habit, they search for good quality meals, in order stick to a balanced diet. That is also why there are more and more restaurants in the capital with vegan, organic and vegetarian dishes on the menu. So in short, having a lighter meal is perfect for the whole year, but even more so during hot summers. Summer always motivates us to eat more fresh produce with less intensive preparation methods, and vegetables and fruits are key ingredients to a light meal. Our first recommendation to enjoy a light meal in Madrid is restaurant Rawcoco. Rawcoco has just opened a VIP restaurant in Madrid: Restore your health. This new restaurant serves complex dishes and premium quality products. Besides this, they always aim at serving healthy meals. You can also personalize your dish by choosing the ingredients. Their advice to you is to choose a combination of ingredients that emphasize the flavour.

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Our next recommendation is La Vaquería Montañesa. This restaurant serves food straight from the orchards of Navarre, where you get the best produce from organic farming that you can find anywhere on the market. The kitchen in this restaurant is based on fresh and seasonal vegetables which have just been harvested. It comes as no surprise that vegetables are the hero of their dishes, either alone or accompanied by fresh fish or organic meat. You can really taste the pure ingredients and flavours, taking you all the way back to your childhood days, when food was always delicious and seasonal, and it did not require food additives to look or taste good. Our last recommendation is Café Angélica and you can find it at Carrer San Bernardo. They have a menu with many healthy dishes, homemade pastries, fair trade coffees and teas, vermouth with macerated spices and herbs, both classic and signature cocktails and tap wine. What really stands out here, are their food bowl combinations, made with organic ingredients and accompanied by a special dressing, created with spices and herbs that they also sell at their shop. Their star dishes are avocados stuffed with organic chicken, organic roast beef or quinoa, and their homemade cakes and ice cream.

Which restaurant will you be visiting first?

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