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ShBarcelona open a new agency in Madrid!

Written by damien

There is a saying that goes like “ nothing succeeds like success” so if you own one of the few Madrid apartments for rent  that you are  interested top-class and stable clientele to earn above average returns from, then you shouldn’t hesitate but to place your property asset options in the safe hands of ShMadrid.

While they are fairly new to the capital city, ShMadrid have been successfully running a rental service operation in Barcelona for more than a decade. Their success in that city has been based on providing a complete turnkey service for property owners. Once you place your property in their hands the taking of everything from making a sure that the property is presented to the client in first class condition, including decorating either before or after the entry, taking care of insurance issues, continue to manage the property on the owner’s behalf.

The secret to success is our ability through our extensive contacts in the country’s leading educational  institutions who are always needing  first class apartment accommodation  either foreign students who are coming to Madrid.  Add to that we have built a strong reputation among  some of Europe’s largest companies who need to host  business people from all over Spain,  mainland  Europe and indeed the rest of the world who prefer the comfort and the intimacy of furnished apartments and studio  accommodation to a cold and impersonal  hotel room.

Through our extensive contacts in the world of business and higher education we offer an ever-growing strong client base of quality tenants in the market for top-quality short-term rental properties. Potential clients whose stay in Madrid will run for periods from just a few days up to one year.

We offer our clients the possibility of almost maximum occupancy short-term rental which can be particularly lucrative, or the relative security of longer term, whatever your choice and depending on your ROI needs.

Madrid continues to be one of the most vibrant cities in Europe, with a myriad  of attractions to suit every taste and budget for anyone who has ever had the pleasure of visiting the city. By providing them with the option of top-quality professionally managed short term rental in Madrid, you will not only be earning yourself reasonable profits on your investment, but also enhancing the city’s reputation as a great place to visit.

It is no coincidence and indeed highly logical  that Madrid would be  the next stage in our company’s  planned expansion. . For a long time we have been aware of the tremendous potential that exist in this vibrant city for a company who are prepared to take the whole issue of property management under their wings and professionally take care of the ever growing demands for short term rental apartments in Madrid.

We have a long list of clients waiting to hear of apartments waiting to hear of new rental opportunities. Clients who have worked with us in the past through our Barcelona office and know that they can place their trust in our company,  when it comes to providing them with well maintained apartments for their stay in Madrid.

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