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The biggest sports day of Madrid

Written by Volodymyr

Aside from the football World Cup final, El Clasico is the world’s most watched game. The confrontation between Real Madrid and FC Barcelona is named as one of the biggest rivalries in the world and engages nearly the entire world for 90 minutes. It’s stupefying how one simple game can amass so much attention and so many emotions in every corner of the globe. Yet, it’s simply another experience to live these 90 minutes in Spain. Especially in either Madrid or Barcelona.

Santiago Bernabeu experience

Santiago BernabeuGoing to the stadium when the El Clasico occurs is a life must. Being able to experience the competitive, tense atmosphere prior and during the game, while seeing the players themselves, is a collection of mesmerising moments that you would never forget. Even if you are neutral, watching the match would provide you tons of adrenaline! Just imagine: first of all and speaking materialistically, you’re sitting on that seat (either on Santiago Bernabeu or Camp Nou) and observing a game between two teams, whose starting line-ups are worth nearly a billion dollars! Second of all and besides the captivating game of football, you get to see so many bursts of emotions coming from each individual – chants, screams, cries, shocks, whistling, insults and praises flying from one side to the other, either in address of the players or other fans, leaving the entire stadium in an endless cycle of tantrums. Ah, nothing else can decorate that beautiful spectrum of emotions from football other than the el Clasico!

Going to a bar experience

El Clasico in a barAnother experience is to watch the game in a bar. When the day of el Clasico arrives, the streets of the cities transform into a desert, because the bars where the game is streamed are momentarily flooded. As soon as the first whistle blows, the diligent watchers surrounded by constant drinks and food that are nervously being consumed, begin their long awaited observance. With every event that occurs on the field, passionate discussions if something was fair or not insinuate for 90 minutes, engulfing literally everybody present. Oh, and if you’re present with fans of both teams under one roof, then you’re especially lucky to observe fascinating scenes.

No matter who you are, on the day of El Clasico, you’re either a Madridista or Azulgrana for the duration of the game, and all adjacent homogeneous supporters immediately become your buddies. The moments of “uiiii”s or Ronaldo’s “Si” chant incorporate every single individual drawing them into the passion of the game. Then, occasionally, somewhere deep in the bar, there will be an Atletico fan trying to express their criticism. It’s at these moments, one becomes united with their team, triumphing from every success or obtaining a depression from a defeat for the following week.

Of course if you don’t like football, you are not obliged to watch the game. However, if you’re in Spain, especially in Madrid or Barcelona, seeing the el Clasico match is an experience not to miss. Either on the stadium or at a local bar, the vigour and the passion combined with constant food and beverages fuel the experience of those vicious 90 minutes and bring the encompassing culture of el Clasico, and football as a whole.

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Volodymyr is a Russian journalist student and writer.

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