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Stunning Local Olive Grove Tour in English – Proyecto Los Aires

olive grove
Written by Allison

It was in 2013 that Guillermo and Laura chose to take over the family business. They then chose to take on the mission of connecting the countryside, on which they farmed olives, to the city of Madrid, all in the hope to make a more sustainable way of life for themselves and their family yet again.

ShMadrid loves to share their story today. It is not only impressive, you will want to visit them straight away!

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Olive Grove tour in English

Olive Tree

Photo via Pixabay

They have chosen to set up an olive grove tour in English. It offers visitors to Madrid something unique, a nature trip with a difference, as it offers those who visit Madrid a chance to learn more about what it takes to make olive oil we love cooking with so much these days.

The actual farm where the olive grove tour Madrid takes place is in a small town in a part of Spain known as Toledo. In the beginning it wasn’t just olive trees that grew here, but between them grew rows of grapevines. Now only olives are grown.

After heading out from Madrid you head towards Toledo, and then you end up at Arcicóllar. This is where the farm is located, and this is where your nature trip really begins. During the first part of the tour you will meander through the olive trees and learn more about them.

Following this part of the tour you then reach the oldest plot, and here you will learn more about the process of making olive oil. As well as learning about the planting of the trees and the harvesting of the fruit, you’ll also learn more about how it gets filtered before then being bottled. Even though the process is quite scientific, the way in which they describe it is a great deal of fun.

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three olives & olive oil

Photo via Pixabay

After all that walking you get time to relax. Tables have been set up nestled among the trees, offering you some respite from the sun. Then as part of your tour, you get the opportunity to taste some of the oil they have made.

Here you get to sample several kinds of olive oil from little blue glass cups. As part of the tour you get to learn more about the difference between the generic oils you buy in your supermarket, against the top quality organic ones.

But it isn’t all about the olives. As a further treat you get to enjoy some delicious food and wine, that have been locally grown and produced. So make sure that you leave plenty of room to enjoy all the delights that they have to offer. Plus be ready when Guillermo – without any pushing – refills your glass for you.

To cap it all off you have the chance to wander through the groves once again. Finally you may want to spend some time purchasing a few of the lovely products that you have enjoyed during your visit.

Have you done this olive grove tour? What was your impression?

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