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Super Sexy scenes in the Prado museum Lady Baring her Breast

Written by Berber

Lady Baring her Breast, is painted by Venice born painter Domenico Tintoretto (1560 –1635). Click on image to see high definition picture.

The following painting in the super sexy series is kind of naughty one, and this painting called Lady Baring her Breast, is painted by Venice born painter Domenico Tintoretto (1560 –1635). Domenico was the son of the renowned painter Jacopo Tintoretto, who taught him everything he needed to know to also become a world class painter.

The painting is a depiction of a Venetian courtesan, probably famous Veronica Franco (1546-1591). By playing with the model’s gaze and clothing, Tintoretto´s offers the viewer a subtly erotic game in which insinuation prevails over exhibition so that the view of her breast is countered by her face in profile, giving the model also an air of mystery.

Veronica Franco has probably modelled several times for both Tintoretto father and son, and almost always in a similar setting. Veronica Franco (1546–1591) was a high class prostitute that worked as a courtesan in the 16th-century Renaissance Venetian society, which was then separated in two different classes of courtesans: the cortigiana onesta, the intellectual courtesans, and the cortigiana di lume, lower-class prostitutes, who tended to live and practise their trade near the Rialto Bridge. Veronica belonged to higher and more intellectual class courtesans, and later on in life also publish two poetry books.

It is very probably that Veronica also modelled for the painting Portrait of a Lady painted by the father of Domenico, but some art historians are still debating if this is really her or not, as this painting is not explicitly erotic. The inscription on the back of the painting saying “V. FRANCO” should have stopped the debate though, however it is not 100% clear when this inscription actually was written on the back of the painting. The resemblances is quite obvious though.

Portrait of a Lady depicts a woman from the bust up. Her eyes gaze away from the spectator to her left and her red curls fall around her head. The flush of her cheeks, the looseness of her garments (revealing very naughty, the very edge of her left nipple), and the milky white quality of her skin signify feminine sensuality and ideal beauty.

Veronica probably also modelled for the painting a Venetian Woman which was probably painted by father Jacopo

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