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You Can Even Find Some Sushi in Madrid

Written by damien

Many people still look upon Spain as being a conservative country, very steeped in their traditions. While this is true to an extent and nothing to be critical about, in the past few years, the country has gone through something of a cultural Renaissance, and even more so in the capital city, Madrid. Despite the economic downturn which thankfully seems to be trying to a close, the Spanish capital, which was always something of an economic bubble, has flourished and become ever more cosmopolitan. Many see the reason why is that the economic downturn actually encourage the Gatos (residents of Madrid) to shake off the last remnants of their traditional thinking and embrace new cultures, especially with the constant flow of visitors to the city from every corner of the planet. ShMadrid will tell you more.

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Sushi in Madrid

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With this influx of visitors has come a whole new culture, as far as eating habits are concerned. Believe it or not, Madrid now houses a number of sushi bars all throughout the city and some very good sushi bars as well. Take for instance 99 Sushi Bar, they have four locations now in Madrid. You can make your reservations online at the restaurant of your choice. Those who have been there and understand the world of Japanese haute cuisine have come away with rave reviews about the wide choice of classic dishes on offer there.

Fortunately, this is only one of the sushi bars that has the best reviews in Madrid. There’s much more to discover if you crave your California roll or Spicy Tuna sushi. You should definitely try Sibuya Urban Sushi Bar, that is fairly priced and has a really cosy interior, or Kabuki Wellington, which is a bit more pricy, but also has vegan or gluten-free options. Always check out the website or reviews from a sushi bar or restaurant, some use more European ingredients than others and it all depends on what you like most, the traditional sushi, or the ones with cream cheese or kale for example.

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Photo via Visualhunt

So for those who want to change from the traditional Madrid fare, then it’s always nice to know that a delicious meal of sushi as well as other Japanese delicacies are not that far away. Always check the websites of the sushi bars for opening hours and whether you need to make reservations. Once you have decided on eating sushi, there’s no way back, so you will want to prevent that the sushi bar is fully booked.

What do you consider the best sushi bar in Madrid?

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