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Tips to decorate your flat before renting it

Property management in Madrid
Written by damien

If you have a property in Madrid that you are interested in renting to top level client, then the best piece of advice that you should take this to prevent the flat in such a good condition that they will make the job of renting it so much easier. However, it would not be a good idea to go “over the top” as leading properly property management company ShMadrid will hasten to tell you

People who are in the market for yearly rentals and more likely to want to stand some kind of personal mark on the apartment, while those who are looking for a short-term rental in Madrid may be inclined to be more passive when it comes to decoration.

In any event before setting out on any ambitious decorating projects, it would be a very good idea to put yourself in your potential renters shoes for a moment and try not to decide on anything too dramatic when it comes down to colour schemes or even choices of furniture, if the apartment is to be rented furnished.

On the other hand, a colour scheme that is too bland means an apartment  lacking in an atmosphere , and could just as easily chase a potential client away. That’s why finding a happy medium between the two is the best compromise. A fairly minimal outlay on such accessories as matching curtains and scatter cushions in the living area backed up by throw rug and a couple of table lamps will certainly give the client the  impression they have come home.

rent my flat in MadridProperty owners and developers, especially those who are new to the business, make a lot of expensive mistakes when decorating a property before rental. To begin with, they must let all personal tastes fly out the window, and instead present the apartment so that the renter will have some kind of “carte blanche”. For example, when it comes to choosing a basic colour scheme for painting, they should never become too adventurous. Stick to pastel colours with beige always been the safest. The same rule of thumb should apply to oil paints on doors and windows which should be neutral colours. Anything dramatic in the way of colour should be confined to  accessories which can always be folded up and put away till the next time the apartment comes up for rental.

The same applies to furniture.  If the apartment is going to be aimed towards short-term rental clients, then there is no shame in looking around for used furniture in good condition, while if the owner’s inclinations is to look towards longer term rental clients, then new study faster will be a better long-term and this, by placing the apartment rental in the capable hands of ShMadrid all of these worries and uncertainties will be taken out of the owners hands thanks to the many years of property management skills they have under their belt that will ensure that your apartment will be presented to clients in the finest possible condition, at a minimum financial outlay.

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