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Tous Stores In Madrid

Written by Brian S.

Tous has become one of the most well-known jewelry and accessory brands in Spain. With an unmistakable symbol and a brand image different from the rest, it marks style among those who are well-off and those who want to look like it. Many have chosen to join the jewel-bear cart and the market has been filled with products with the logo; from jewelry, bags, t-shirts, and key rings. Some of them with some success, and others, crude imitations of the original. It is not strange that the brand creates mixed feelings, that you deeply hate it or you are an absolute fan. If you are one of the last and love all things to your Tous bag, in this ShMadrid article we show you where you can find your products – original, of course- in the city of Madrid.

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Tous Centro Commercial Moda Shopping

Photo via Pixabay

Recently Tous has expanded its product offering and it is not limited to jewelry. Within the range of accessories, Tous stores also have watches in soft, but energetic, extremely feminine colors. Some have the characteristic detail of the brand and others only show a discreet logo on the top of the dial. There are also masculine, elegant and sophisticated kinds of watches. On Calle General Perón, 40 you will find all this and more, a store dedicated exclusively to Tous products to the delight of the most staunch.

Corte Inglés de Goya

Photo credit: Ricardo Ricote Rodríguez on / CC BY

Following with the Tous accessories, you can also take your beloved teddy bear to get it a pair of sunglasses. The ladies can also go there to shield their eyes in the cutest way with a set of sunglasses and very fashionable ones, but always with maximum security. Metal frames, mirrored or more classical, there are glasses for all tastes and in sweet and elegant colors. If you want to see more Tous products you can go to the Corte Inglés de Goya so that the shop assistants can advise you on any question.

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Tous Gran Vía

Now let’s talk about one of the products that you will like the most: baby clothes. We already know that you are about to die of love, but wait to read the rest of this article. They have clothes to take to the beach; swimsuits, hats, towels, shirts, dresses – everything that you can think of that is cute. There are also clothes to go more elegant on a sunny Sunday to the park. Everything, of course, with many teddy bears; large, medium or small for those who do not like to pretend. In the Tous at Gran Vía, you can see all this and more, just in case you have suddenly wanted to dress your child with your favorite brand. Go to Gran Vía 38 or buy online.

Do you like the Tous brand? What products do you like best?

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