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Where to Buy Unusual Souvenirs in Madrid

Written by Daniella

Do you like buying something characteristic from the places you visit, as a keepsake for yourself, or to give away? If the answer is ‘yes’, then you are among those who buy souvenirs during their travels. Sometimes finding a beautiful and original souvenir is not easy, however. Most of the souvenir stores are dedicated to selling more cliché products, and you don’t want to put those at display in your house. But luckily, there are more options to find a souvenir that is a true memory of your trip nowadays. If you are spending a few days in Madrid, or if you plan to come to the city and want to buy something that reminds you of your time here, the team from ShMadrid would like to recommend a few places to buy the most unusual souvenirs in Madrid.

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Finding your perfect memory of Madrid

Photo via Pixabay

Amor de Barrio (San Andrés, 12) is a small store located in Malasaña, and it was created with the intention of expressing the authenticity of Madrid in general, and specifically that of the Malasaña neighborhood, by designing T-shirts, sweatshirts, bags, mugs and posters. The owners realized that it was very difficult to find a souvenir or an authentic gift during their trips, that truly represented the essence of the place, so with Amor de Barrio they decided to pay homage to the celebrities, culture and historical moments of one of the most authentic neighborhoods of Madrid. If you are someone who bypasses stereotype souvenirs, then definitely go to Amor de Barrio when you are in Malasaña. You will surely find the gift you’re looking for. At the Plaza Mayor you can find Memories of Madrid (Plaza Mayor, 24) and this is a shop where you will possibly find the most original gift: tortilla de patatas (potato omelette) in personalized tin cans. Yes, you read correctly! Could there be anything more typical of Madrid, than a tortilla de patatas? This edible souvenir is of course not like the freshly made tortilla, served in the most traditional bars of the capital, but it is still quite good, and the personalized cans in which it is preserved are very nice. So it is not only a typical and original gift, but you can also eat it. What else could you ask for?

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Photo via Pixabay

Madrid al Cubo (De la Cruz, 25) is located in the neighborhood of Las Letras, which is one of the main  tourist areas of the city, but the owners of the shop say it is not a souvenir shop. And they are absolutely right if you are looking for a traditional souvenir, because the gifts and memorabilia you will find at Madrid al Cubo are not usual at all. Both the shop window and the shop are beautiful, and they certainly catch your attention when walking by. Everything they sell is selected with care: there are only beautiful, fun and original items. It is the perfect place to buy a souvenir that you will love to show off. If you are an art lover, surely you will want to pay a visit to some of Madrid’s well-known museums. Have a look at the souvenir shop once you’re there, because you can find unique books and some local arts and crafts that are really lovely. One of our favourite museum stores is the one at the Thyssen Museum (Paseo del Prado, 8). It has some exclusive objects that you will surely want to take home with you.

What souvenirs do you buy when you travel?

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