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Where to Watch the Champions League Final in Madrid

Written by Daniella

We finally know which teams will be playing in the Champions League final 2019 on June 1, and unfortunately there will be no Spanish team playing this time. As always, expectations are extremely high, especially when you know that the location for the last match is the Wanda Metropolitano. So Madrid will be the scene for one of the most important events of this football season. Today, this article by ShMadrid, will tell you more about where you can watch the final game of this year’s Champions League.

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The best places in the capital to watch football

Photo via Pixabay

Barça fans had hoped for a different final, after having dreamt of the team ending up in Madrid in the hope of getting that precious and valuable trophy. But unfortunately, the final game of 2019 will not be Barça’s game. After having played a semifinal that seemed completely on track during the first half of the game, the results of the second half were disappointing, to say the least, and left them out of the finals at their own fault. So now two English teams, Tottenham and Manchester, will be the teams that will play at the finals, but only one of them will eventually end up being European club champion. As already mentioned, the stadium chosen for the final match of the 2019 Championship is  Wanda Metropolitano, the current temple of Atlético. And the capital will be swarmed with football fans from both teams on June 1. If you want to see the final in the capital, but do not have any tickets to enjoy it at the stadium, there are a number of bars that will broadcast the final match live.

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Photo via Pixabay

One of the bars that we can recommend is La Fontana de Oro, an ideal pub to watch football matches. Its decoration is very striking, full of bottles, photos, portraits of illustrious characters, old books and even a motorcycle hanging from the ceiling. The ground floor has a medieval touch, decorated with shields, weapons and armor. Undoubtedly, the best thing about La Fontana de Oro is its evening atmoshpere, when you can enjoy watching football matches or listen to live artists. They have DJ sessions, jam sessions or rock, pop, soul or blues concerts here every day. We can also recommend the O’Connell bar, where you can see all the relevant sports broadcasts of the season. Whether you are a dedicated sports fan or just want to see your favourite team, they have a complete sports program, and they are located in the centre of Madrid. With big TV screens on the walls you can follow every move that is made. Finally, we would like to recommend the Penalti Lounge Bar, a bar where they also broadcast every important football match. The bar has a giant projector screen, specifically there to entertain you during any of the broadcasted sports events. In addition, they also offer a football menu with free bar at a price of €16,-, which includes various servings throughout the game. This is, without a doubt, the best way to watch football.

What do you think is the best bar to watch the Champions League finals in Madrid?

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