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Where do goths, metalheads and punks shop in Madrid?

Written by Carolina

Madrid is a favorite destination for those who are into fashion. Here one finds limitless clothing stores that conform their tastes regardless of what style they prefer. There are H&M and New Yorker for those with a fresh and informal style, Sister Jane and Underground Moda for those mad about vintage clothes, and Perpetua de la O and Jorge Vázquez for the lovers of smart dresses and shoes. But where can somebody with a more alternative fashion sense shop in Madrid? If you are lucky enough, you may land in the city when leather jackets and camo are in fashion. Otherwise, there are a number of places where you can find clothes that fit your style.

J.Canovas (C/Fuencarral, 35)

gothic-1267336_1280In the centric street of Fuencarral, you’ll find what might be Madrid’s most well-known alternative clothing shop:  J.Canovas. There you’ll find a pleasant atmosphere and lots of clothes and accessories of various well-known underground brands: New Rock boots, Cupcake Cult hoodies, Spiral t-shirts… Moreover, what makes J. Canovas a unique shop is that it produces its own leather chokers, bracelets, and collars for dogs. You can get a personalized one if you ask for it!

Marihuana bronca total (Plaza de Cascorro, 6)

Don’t mistake it for a grow shop! Marihuana is the perfect shop for metalheads: loads of band t-shirts covering the walls, patches for your battle jacket, impressive leather jackets, wristbands, chokers, necklaces, skull flags… There is everything! What’s more, you’ll find the shop a really welcoming place because of how attentive and friendly the shopkeeper is and the background music that you’ll instantly recognize: metal ballads such as the Scorpions’ “Still Loving You” and Hard Rock anthems like “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin.

Rara Avis (C/de la Palma, 40)

Deathrock? Medieval? Electronic? Psychobilly? There’s room for each of these styles and many more at Rara Avis, which is primarily a records store and yet it has a good clothing catalog with a lot of band t-shirts and merchandise items such as magnets and patches. What’s particular of this shop is that it contributes to underground culture by promoting and organizing concerts and working with new bands through Horror Business, their own label.

El Rastro (C/de la Ribera de Curtidores)

8312965393_ee867a37e9_cIn this vast and iconic flea market, you will find anything from kitchenware to books and, among the numerous clothing stands, you’ll find some aimed at people with an alternative style. Spend a nice Sunday morning strolling through El Rastro and you’ll find genuine military clothes, Metal bands merchandise, classic leather jackets and many other amazing items.

Touch Me (C/Divino Pastor, 3)

If you are a goth, you will surely fall in love with the amazing clothes you will find in Touch Me. New Rock boots, crazy contact lenses, fantasy masks, excellent corsets… There is also plus size clothing and a section for children!

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Carolina is an English Studies graduate, an English teacher, literary translator, bookworm and amateur writer.

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