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Information about renting apartments with disabled access in Madrid

Many people that come to Madrid have mobility problems, and some have the intention of renting an apartment in Madrid. So, it is important to rent an apartment with disabled access. If you choose an apartment that facilitates this particular group of people with not only easy access, but also a way to live pleasantly inside their home.

Madrid has been preparing for people with disabilities for years now, and therefore a large part of the streets and avenues of the Spanish capital have ramps, so that people with reduced mobility can be self-reliant and move around the city without the need of any support.

Public transport has also adapted to make access for people with mobility problems easier. It is also not difficult to find an apartment in Madrid that has access for people with disabilities. Generally speaking, these are ground floor apartments with direct access from the street and without having to depend on an elevator or, of course, stairs.

Although most of the buildings in Madrid have been equipped with elevators, when it breaks down this is a huge problem for people that essentially depend on an elevator, and unfortunately this can happen. That is why renting a ground floor apartment is perfect for disable people, as this eliminates the risk involved completely.

Madrid has many properties that have been renovated and converted into housing options for architectural reasons, or because of a specific demand for these types of apartments, and most of them come with a terrace or garden, which is ideal for meeting the needs of people with mobility problems.

Advantages of renting an apartment in Madrid with disabled access

For years Madrid has been adding structural elements and facilities to its city, in order for people with disabilities to live self-reliantly. Most of the accesses to the pavements, for example, have a ramp on zebra crossings, so that wheelchairs can move without constructional barriers. Without these ramps, people with mobility problems would not be able to travel within the city freely.

The same measures have been taken for areas that are heavily frequented by pedestrians and for public services and government buildings, such as libraries, health centres, hospitals and shopping centres.

Madrid's parks and gardens also have disabled access, as do most municipal gyms and civic centres. Public transport, such as the metro, train, and metropolitan bus lines, are also fitted with special access for people with disabilities, so they can travel within the city independently. Another important element is that Madrid has created multiple parking spaces exclusively for the disabled, in order for drivers with mobility problems not to have any problems with parking.

Ground floor apartments with access for people with reduced mobility are quite easy to find in the Spanish capital, which is essential for this group of people, if they decide to choose Madrid as their temporary or long-term destination.

If you want to rent a property in Madrid and you have motor impairments, then the capital of Madrid allows you to live with much freedom. You will be able to travel the city independently and really enjoy everything the city has to offer.

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