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Information about renting lofts in Madrid

Lofts are spacious apartments in an open, airy space without, or with hardly, any divisions, except for bathrooms and sometimes bedrooms. Rent a loft in Madrid is an excellent choice for any person who wants to completely enjoy the city.

Lofts have become very fashionable in big cities, as they provide a new purpose for old factories and workshops. Older industrial neighbourhoods had originally been abandoned, but they have recently started converting buildings into modern, elegant and comfortable apartments with a spacious interior design and nice style.

Although this type of housing is not ideal for everyone, it is now much sought after, and people who originally weren’t that interested in a loft, now are.

More and more people see the advantages of turning an old, industrial place into their home. If you are thinking of renting a flat in Madrid and you like special types of accommodation, a loft can be a great choice.

There are several reasons for lofts being trendy and wanted. A loft is a space that still has character, and once you start planning the interior and design, your options really are limitless.

Lofts normally have large windows, which makes the interior light and bright, even when your loft is on a lower floor. It feels airy, because of its high ceilings and the lack of walls or other structural elements inside. If you sometimes feel claustrophobic in between the walls of your house, then a loft is ideal. This type of accommodation is also perfect for anyone wanting to dedicate a part of their house as a working zone.

As lofts are very spacious apartments, you can dedicate different areas within the home as an office area, living room, kitchen with dining room and master bedroom. The original industrial character of the building can still be felt in lofts, and overall, it takes a certain type of people to feel at home here.

Advantages of renting a loft in Madrid

As in all major cities, Madrid also has its neighbourhoods that used to be the industrial areas of the city, and this is where you will be able to find more rental lofts. You can find lofts all throughout the city, in old premises that have been converted into lofts and old workshops that were redesigned as housing units. Commercial premises are, due to their architectural uniqueness and simplicity, often easier to convert into a loft than into conventional apartments. Lofts now represent a time of ancient factories, with spacious apartments, high ceilings, and no walls or other limitations inside.

As already mentioned, a loft’s key feature is the absence of any partitions or having the least as possible. This characteristic also illuminates the whole house, as daylight can flow more naturally and easily into the whole space.

A loft generally has a much more spacious feel to it, even if consists of the same number of square meters. An apartment of 60 square meters without any partitions will feel more roomy than that same apartment with three bedrooms, a living room and a kitchen in separate rooms.

And although lofts had initially been designed to share the entire space with a living room, kitchen and bedroom in it, lately many people prefer having a separate bedroom. This feels less like an aquarium, and it is therefore better and more intimate to live in.

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