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Why rent an apartment in the district of Moratalaz in Madrid?

If you are coming with your family, rent an apartment in Moratalaz suits perfectly with your preferences. Your family will enjoy a district with lots of green zones, significant shopping options and leisure areas that are an important part of the city of Madrid.

It is also ideal for anyone who likes to live in a vibrant area with many resident services and good public transport. If you have decided to rent an apartment in Madrid and prefer doing this in a very exhaustive part of the city with green zones and a vast commercial and leisure area, then renting an apartment in Moratalaz could be an excellent choice for you.

Discover the district of Moratalaz with ShMadrid

The district of Moratalaz is one of the most complete districts in the capital. According to statistics which show a low rate of thefts, robberies and other more serious crimes, the district of Moratalaz is also one of the safest districts in Madrid.

Besides these facts, Moratalaz is a quiet district, but you can still find essential shops and leisure venues here. The district's key leisure zone is the so-called "Lonjas", which is a pedestrian area in the centre of the district, with many breweries, pubs and all kinds of shops.

Also important are its excellent connections with other parts of the city, which make Moratalaz a favourite district with many profiles. Another interesting element are its green zones, making it the ideal location to disconnect from the city for a while.

If you rent your flat in Pavones, for example, you will find homes with large green areas. Going home at the end of the day is much more pleasant, when you can walk through a park like Parque Vandel.

Renting an apartment in Horcajo is also a good idea, as a large part of the neighbourhood consists of Parque de la Cuña Verde. The neighbourhood has direct access to motorway R-3.

But if you would like to enjoy Parque de la Cuña Verde in all its splendour, you should consider renting your apartment in Marroquina. Besides Parque de la Cuña Verde there is also Parque de Moratalaz for you to enjoy.

If you will be staying in Madrid and will be using your car regularly, you should consider renting your apartment in Media Legua, as this neighbourhood is at the junction of the M-30 (that surrounds the entire city) and the M-23, which exits on the western side of the capital.

You can also rent your flat in Fontarrón, a residential district with a little bit of nature. This neighbourhood is bordered by the A-3 and Calle de la Fuente Carrantona.

Finally, your last option in the district of Moratalaz is renting an apartment in Vinateros. The neighbourhood’s residents really enjoy spending time in Parque Jardín Dionisio Rodríguez and Parque Vandel, and right in the centre of this neighbourhood you can make use of metro station Astilleros.

The district of Moratalaz is, without any doubt, one of the most exhaustive and sought-after districts in Madrid, thanks to all it has to offer its residents.

It must be said that rental prices in this district are not very affordable, although they are cheaper than in more luxurious parts of the Spanish capital.

What to see in the district of Moratalaz?

Moratalaz has a couple of special green zones, such as the gardens of Dionisio Ridruejo (of which the best-known part is the park of Esperanza), the park of Moratalaz (also called Park Z) and La Martala (also known as Parque de la Rueda or Darwin Park).

In this last park they have made important Epipaleolithic discoveries corresponding with that historical period and referring to the Stone Ages, that, until not too long ago, was still called Mesolithic. Discoveries include bones of animals, like hares and rabbits.

In addition to the district’s typical festivals during the second week of June at the fairgrounds of Calle Brujas for lots of entertainment, park de la Cuña Verde also has several bike lanes for those who enjoy riding their bike.

An interesting monument in this district is la Iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos. This Mormon temple has its headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah (USA), and it was created by Joseph Smith in mid-nineteenth century.

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