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Information about renting student apartments in Madrid

A large number of students from all over Spain and other parts of the world choose Madrid every year for their academic education. New tenants search and constantly find students apartments for rent in Madrid.

Madrid’s housing prices have many young people or students decide on sharing a flat. A student apartment is a very good idea when you need a rental apartment in Madrid and you have a low budget.

You can find student flats all over the city. As you can imagine, factors like the area where you decide to rent your flat or the services it has (doorman, communal facilities) will inevitably influence the price you pay for rent.

Student flats in the Spanish capital are usually very large, older flats, equipped with four or five bedrooms, one or more bathrooms and a shared dining room and kitchen. There are also some buildings where the whole block is converted into student flats, but the characteristics are more or less the same: you have your private bedroom and all the other rooms have to be shared.

Often utilities are already included in the rental price of a student flat, so water, electricity and the internet do not have to be paid for separately. Besides financial means for rent, a student must also take care of paying for their own food, leisure activities (free or not), educational expenses, shopping for clothing and any other extra expenses you have during your stay.

Advantages of renting a student apartment in Madrid

Madrid is a destination that is chosen by many young people who want to study at the best higher education centres in the country. Apart from having very good schools and universities, the Spanish capital is an open, cosmopolitan and multicultural city, with a lot of leisure venues and other attractions young people enjoy.

Sharing an apartment is one of the cheapest options if you want to rent a flat in the capital. University residences or campuses are much more expensive, and finding an affordable apartment just for yourself can be quite complicated nowadays. Living in a shared apartment does have its advantages though, as you will often meet students from other countries to share your experiences with. And it can be of great comfort to know everyone is in the same situation, trying to find their way in a new city. This might make it a lot easier to adapt to a new place.

The experience of living in Madrid can be very enriching, as you will meet people from different cultures, speaking different languages and having different points of view. The Spanish capital has a very good reputation among young Europeans, and it is not just about having good quality universities and schools.

Madrid is a beautiful city with a lovely climate, its people are friendly and open, and it is a culturally very rich city with many different ways to spend your leisure time. It is practically impossible to get up in the morning and not have any idea on what fun thing to do in the capital, either alone or with friends. Madrid also has great opportunities for students, like for example internships, and this is thanks to the number of companies and multinationals operating in the capital.

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