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Information about renting apartments with a swimming pool in Madrid

Madrid is all about being outdoors, and this is largely thanks to its mild temperatures. If you rent an apartment with a swimming pool in Madrid you will enjoy the Mediterranean climate in the Spanish capital. You will enjoy outdoor activities, like walking or resisting summer heat by taking a dive into a pool.

Many people have decided, with these reasons in the back of their mind, to rent an apartment in Madrid with one, and only one, requirement, and that is having a swimming pool at home or in their community. Madrid has many homes with a swimming pool, and it can be a normal house, an apartment or single-family house with private garden and swimming pool, but you can also find single-family houses with a communal swimming pool, apartments with a garden or terrace with a private swimming pool or apartments with a communal swimming pool.

A swimming pool always has an impact on the rental price of a property, especially if the pool is private and can only be used by its tenants. It is crystal clear that having a private or communal swimming pool is a luxury feature that is not available in every neighbourhood in Madrid.

Add to this the fact that, architecturally speaking, it is not that easy to build a swimming pool, especially not if it needs to be installed on a roof or on a terrace. If you want to rent a flat in the Spanish capital with a swimming pool, you should direct your search area at the wealthier parts of the city or the more residential areas that are further from Madrid’s centre.

Advantages of renting an apartment in Madrid with swimming pool

Madrid’s lovely temperatures during many months of the year make it perfect to enjoy a pool. Swimming season starts at the beginning of June and lasts until the end of September. In recent years the season sometimes lasts longer than that, which makes even more sense to have a swimming pool in Madrid.  

So if you like swimming, then having a pool would be ideal if you have the budget for it. It could be better to select a property that is a bit pricier, but that does have a swimming pool to relax and cool off in in summer.

If you will move to Madrid with small children, a pool will be great fun for them. They can play in the pool or learn how to swim. There are many properties with swimming pools in Madrid, and if you find an apartment with a communal swimming pool, this will be a bit more affordable than renting a property with a private pool. Rental prices will, of course, be higher than not having a pool at all.

Always bear in mind that community pools require extensive maintenance and that this will affect prices, but most of the times the owner pays for maintenance fees. These fees can, however, also be added to the apartment’s rental price.

Don’t forget that community pools have regulations, so that everyone living close to the pool remains happy, and to make the use of the swimming facilities pleasant for all of its users.

Most of the times you are not allowed to play ball, or take air mattresses or other elements into the water, and there is usually a maximum number of guests a tenant can bring with him to the pool.

Be aware that community pools do not usually have lifeguards, so you mustn’t leave small children without supervision.

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