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Why rent an apartment in the district of Usera in Madrid?

The district of Usera is one of the many districts in the Spanish capital. This is a typical residential area, so if you come with your family, rent an apartment in Usera it is a perfect option.

It borders the Manzanares river, Prague Bridge, Paseo de Santa María de la Cabeza, Plaza de Fernández Ladreda, the A-42 (from Madrid to Toledo) and the M-40.

Usera is adjacent to the district of Carabanchel to the west and northwest, the district of Arganzuela and the Manzanares river to the northeast, the district of Puente de Vallecas to the east and the district of Villaverde to the south.

The district of Usera can be characterized by the way it has welcomed immigrants from all over the world, but in recent years the Chinese population living here has also grown considerably. If you want to rent an apartment in Madrid and do so in an area with a lot of commercial options, a district with lots of different cultures that is also well connected to other areas within Madrid, then the district of Usera could be your ideal location.

Discover the district of Usera with ShMadrid

The district of Usera has always been characterized as the area in the capital where most of its foreign immigrants reside, but the Chinese population is especially interesting in this part of the city.

Usera has plenty of Asian shops due to its residents, and that is why the district is also considered to be Madrid’s Chinese quarter.

The immigration boom has completely transformed the district, turning it into the Iberian Peninsula’s Little China. Commercial activities have actually revitalized the area, and thanks to the Chinese population the district is now filled with Chinese shops, Chinese culture with its festivals and Chinese gastronomy.

The streets are now filled with excellent Asian restaurants with homemade and typical Asian food, and it has drawn the attention of Madrid’s many Chinese and Asian food lovers.

If you are thinking of living in a unique, multicultural environment with good public transport and fairly affordable rental prices, then you should definitely consider one of Usera’s neighbourhoods.

If you are looking to live in a green area, you should rent an apartment in Orcasitas. This is a residential neighbourhood with lots of parks and squares, like El Movimiento Ciudadano, Plaza de Mil Delegados and Plaza Solidaridad.

Another option to stay for one or more seasons in Madrid is renting an apartment in the 12 de Octubre-Orcasur. This neighbourhood is located between the Manzanares river, the area of Hospital 12 de Octubre and the M-40.

You can also rent an apartment in San Fermín and go to the international tennis matches that are held in the Caja Mágica stadium.

Check our rental portfolio for available housing if you are considering renting an apartment in Almendrales. This residential neighbourhood is located on the sides of the Manzanares River, and it is crossed by the Avenida de Córdoba.

Another option for your stay in the Spanish capital is to rent an apartment in Moscardó. This concerns the part of Usera that lies between Manzanares and Plaza Elíptica, and it is bordered by Paseo de Santa María de la Cabeza.

If you prefer to rent your apartment in Zofío, then this is an excellent neighbourhood if you are taking your family, due to the large number of schools in the area. This is also the neighbourhood with the Orcasitas-CAU’s rugby stadium.

Your last option in Usera is renting your home in Pradolongo, and half of this neighbourhood actually consists of nature, because of its Pradolongo park.

What to see in the district of Usera?

Many visitors and residents love Usera’s Chinese restaurants. They prepare traditional dishes that are more similar to those prepared in the regions of Zhejiang, Fujian and Canton.

If you are a fan of traditional Chinese food, be sure to visit the restaurants in Usera. Try their fish cakes, hotpots, hake head soup, pakchoi, dumplings, noodles with shellfish or tendons with a sesame ginger sauce.

Another interesting fact about the district of Usera is that it celebrates the Chinese New Year. This colourful celebration with lots of lights and red and gold colours is actually being celebrated more often in other Spanish cities with a large Chinese population as well.

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