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A taste of home in Madrid

Written by Laurence

Sometimes when travelling and living in a foreign city, there is still a craving for the small things from home.  As great as it is to absorb the local culture and enjoy new sights, tastes, and smells, homesickness can be cured with a little taste of something familiar. For me, an Australian, it’s Vegemite. My British friends can’t seem to get through the day without a proper cup of tea, and American colleagues love their breakfasts of waffles, Poptarts or Cheerios!  Madrid caters well to the foreign traveller, and here are a few places to help you find that fix you need.

Dealz (Poundland)

Who would have thought that that bastion of British high street tradition, Poundland, has a branch in downtown Madrid?!  Okay, so, here in Madrid, it’s called Dealz, but it really is the same, familiar Poundland, even the logo and store designs are the same.  Here, you’ll find all the familiar British sweets, treats, savouries, and toiletries that you’d expect. Some godsends include Marmite, Coleman’s mustard, baked beans, and several varieties of proper English tea: Typhoo, Tynee-tips, PG Tips, and on occasion, Yorkshire Tea.  All your favourite sweets and boiled lollies abound too.  This is not only a one-stop shop for British expats, but for everyone – and everything in the store is to be found at bargain prices: €1.50 is the highest price in the store. (Alcalá 163, Madrid)

Taste of America

Foods_from_home_MadridOkay, so here, as the name suggests, is where travellers from the US will find everything they need to make them feel at home.  Familiar cereals, sweets and treats, Kraft Mac Cheese, Pop Tarts, Cheerios, Hershey’s bars, and Oreos, are just some of the familiar products you know and love.  Taste of America  can tend to be a little pricey, but it’s still usually cheaper than shipping things directly from home.  Paul Newman sauces, Tabasco sauce and a large range of Tex-Mex items will quickly transport you back home.  There are several locations throughout Madrid, try the big store at Republica Argentina for the full range.  (Serrano, 149, Madrid)

Sabores el Mundo

Home_foods_MadridFlavours from around the world are exactly what you’ll find in this Madrid treasure-trove of goodies.  No matter from where you’re visiting Madrid, Sabores el Mundo specialises in those unique products that you’ll find nowhere else. Indian spices, teas, meals, and Ayurvedic products. Italian sauces, pastas, ingredients, and good quality coffee.  Japanese soups, rices, teas, and beauty products.  A large selection of Kosher and Halal specialist products is also available.  Pretty much everything is covered in this one store, no matter what you’re seeking, and if it’s not in stock, they will try to order it in for you.  (Calle del Doctor Gómez Ulla 10, Madrid)

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Laurence is an Australian expat, who has been living in Europe for about 10 years.

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