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Administrative Agencies in Madrid

Written by Daniella

Administrative agencies – or in Spanish gestores or gestorías – are companies of professionals, who advise other companies or individuals about certain processes or administrative procedures, that take place in a big company or even a small business. These professionals are in high demand, especially with freelancers, who need to keep their administration in a certain way and up to date. Given the lack of training of many of these freelancers, the administrative agency is necessary to carry out the administration. Today, ShMadrid will tell you all about the best administrative agencies in the capital.

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Administrative agents help you with your paperwork

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The agents work in public administration, helping individuals or legal entities in fulfilling their obligations. They also advise their clients about rights and procedures that they need to comply with, or other administrative paperwork. The agents must be registered and to become an administrative agent, an exam must be successfully passed. In addition, they must have a university degree in Law, Economics or Political Sciences. This profile is much sought after by independent professionals and freelancers, due to the complexity of the procedures they must perform, related to their professional activity. Therefore, most of the administrative agents have specialized in the profile of self-employed workers and freelancers, people who must keep up with their administration and who, in most cases, feel overwhelmed by both the amount and the complexity of paperwork required by accounting. Therefore, if you are self-employed or require the help of an agent or accountant for administrative or other tasks, it is important that you know where to find the services of a good administrative agency in the city of Madrid.

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ShMadrid proposes three agencies that you may like in the capital of Spain, to help you find good professionals with little – or no – effort. First of all there’s Gestoría Administrativa Nara SLP. This agency disposes of some of the best lawyers and accountants in Madrid. This agency also has an important feature that may be useful for some Chinese expatriates in the capital. They specialize in administrative procedures related to Chinese citizens residing in Spain, whether they are individuals, companies or self-employed workers. Their physical office is located at Calle Silva 2, 3rd floor, 4th door in Madrid. Within its portfolio are services on taxation and accounting, on labor consultations, administrative and immigration requests and legal proceedings. Another convenient agency, specialized in procedures specifically related to automobiles, is Tramyser Gestoría. They can help and assist you with all the procedures regarding car registrations or the transfer of cars. They are located on Gran Vía 45, 2nd floor, 3rd door and for your convenience, you can also do certain procedures online. Finally we have another alternative in the city of Madrid. This is Gestoría Garde, which provides you with help in all types of administrative procedures and which is very centrally located at Gran Vía 71, stairway B, 5th door on the right.

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