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Low-Cost Mattresses in Madrid

Written by Laura

Sleeping in a nice bed on a comfortable mattress seems pretty normal, but unfortunately, it doesn’t happen as often as we think. Many of us sleep on old mattresses that have lost their true shape and end up being an enemy, not ally, to our rest and our health. The same can be true for our bed base or box spring – if it starts to fall apart or lose its shape, it doesn’t help us get a sufficiently restful night’s sleep. Sleeping well is vital to our health and wellbeing, as restful sleep helps us to be more alert, awake and productive, and gives us more energy. For all these reasons, today in this article from ShMadrid we want to talk about low-cost mattresses in Madrid and the advantages of a good night’s sleep for our bodies.

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The gift of a good night’s sleep

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In today’s society, everyone experiences and suffers from stress to some extent. Work, kids, life changes, anxieties… whatever it may be, we have to face a lot of things throughout the day and this can make us feel exhausted. Our body has natural mechanisms that help us to confront this excess of energy and, among other things, turns to sleep to help us repair and build back up the energy that is depleted at the end of a long day. However, more often than we’d like, problems and stress don’t always disappear when we go to sleep – family responsibilities, last-minute work, pending procedures… in the end, all of this makes us go to bed later and later, causing us to lose crucial hours of sleep. If the bit of sleep we enjoy is quality, then our bodies can recharge and prepare for the next day; however, if we get only a bit of bad sleep for many nights over a period of time, then the accumulated tiredness can begin to cause us problems, among which include heightened risk of obesity, heart attack, diabetes, even cancer. Overall, the consequences of prolonged lack of sleep can be very serious.

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In order to sleep better, you can take the following steps for good sleep “hygiene”. For example, eating a light dinner and allowing three hours between dinner and sleep, unplugging from electronics right before sleeping, avoiding having electronics in your bedroom (including TV), waking up and going to sleep at the same time each day, keeping a pleasant temperature in your bedroom and lastly, having a quality, supportive mattress to make for pleasant sleep. You can find nice beds and mattresses for good prices at El Rey de las Camas, a store for mattresses, sofas and box springs that you can visit online or in one of the physical locations in Madrid. Another establishment where you can find beds, mattresses and other sleep “equipment” is at Carrefour, which also offers general home decor and products, and for a good price. Lastly, we propose an online store that can be extremely helpful when it comes to finding mattresses and box springs: LowCost Colchones, who have unbeatable prices and free shipping on their products.

Do you sleep well? Can you recommend another store where you can buy quality mattresses and other sleep equipment?

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