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Installing home air conditioning

Written by Laura

Typical conversations in the elevators in the summer have one thing in common – the heat. These comments can seem insignificant, since it’s true that each summer there is the same heat, but there is the sensation each summer that it’s hotter than ever. While it’s true that we all love summer, mostly because it means we get to enjoy vacation, when we are confronted each time with more waves of heat, the summer becomes less attractive, especially for those that don’t have the luxury of cooling off at the beach and instead have to cool off at home or at work. Offices generally have air conditioning, but many of us don’t have this life-saver at home. For this reason, when temperatures rarely drop below 30 degrees during the day and the nights don’t give relief, we think: “Next year, I’m installing air conditioning.” Today at ShMadrid  we discuss how to install air conditioning in your home.

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Air conditioning: expensive, not very ecological, but necessary in some cases

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Air conditioning is a controversial home electronic, as it can be expensive and add to the cost of electricity as well as the environmental cost, emitting CO2 and contributing to climate change. While all this is true, it’s also important to keep in mind that small children and the elderly are the most badly affected by the rising temperatures. Excessive heat is not good for your health and can provoke issues such as drastic lowering in blood pressure, cramps, heat exhaustion, dehydration and, in extreme cases, hits from the heat that can lead to death. Small children and the elderly have the most problems with regulating their body temperature and are the most fragile when it comes to high heat levels, more and more common at our latitudes. Another problem the heat presents is the difficulty in getting enough sleep when the nights are above 24 degrees, which can result in secondary health problems.

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The decision to install air conditioning is influenced by many factors: problems with tolerating the heat (especially for people with obesity, old age, people that sweat in excess, and people with certain diseases or illnesses), the location of the home, and living on higher floors in  a building (in the summer, attics can be infernos when the whole building is heating up), among other reasons. If you’ve decided to finally  install air conditioning in your home, there are some pieces of advice that are good to know. For example, some mechanics offer discounts for installing air conditioning at other parts of the year that you can take advantage of. You should also keep the air conditioning at the recommended temperature – that is, don’t surpass 12 degrees of difference from the outside temperature, and keep the air conditioning at around 24 or 25 degrees. Little by little, the room will begin to cool off until it reaches a pleasant temperature. It’s recommended not to set it up so the air comes out directly, but to place the vents strategically so that the air can be dispersed. Check the filters as often as is recommended by the brand to avoid growth of bacteria that may be bad for your health.

Do you have home air conditioning? Do you recommend it? 

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