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Getting Used to Madrid Culture

Written by damien

People who choose to live in Madrid, especially if they come from more northerly parts of the world such as Germany, Holland, Scandinavia and especially Great Britain, should prepare them to living in a completely different climate. And that doesn’t only apply to the weather but also to the much warmer “behavioral patterns” of the Madrilenos (local residents) to the Extranjeros (new arrivals). ShMadrid will tell you more on the culture of Madrid.

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Cultural differences

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The truth is as is the case all the way along the Mediterranean, the culture in Madrid is much more friendly and open with a lot of kissing and hugging being fairly standard procedure. So it is fairly standard practice for a man to kiss a woman, usually on both cheeks, the first time they ever meet, and it is not unusual for a man to kiss another man when they meet, also on both cheeks, without any form of sexual inference and are cases. As well as the kissing Madrilenos are much more inclined to touch as any of their compatriots. Anyway new to Madrid might find this difficult as long as they realize that there is no sexual undercurrent to it. In times of distress or sadness, Madrilenos can be very demonstrative, and after a while Extranjeros can draw comfort in a stroke of the arm or the cheek when things are a little tough, when you are feeling lonely and far away from home. In your early days in Madrid, you’ll probably encounter a few awkward moments when you meet someone for the first time, and have to decide if they’re going to shake your hand, kiss you on both cheeks and even both. After the well you will get used to the signals, and the chances are you will actually find it quite compelling.

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How do you experience the general culture in Madrid? 

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