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Quick guide on getting to Segovia from Madrid

Quick guide
Written by Volodymyr

Segovia is famous worldwide, thanks to its unique aqueduct that was built nearly 2000 years ago. However, there are many more attractions, such as Segovia’s Cathedral and the mesmerizing Alcazar built in 12th-century. Therefore, in order to enjoy this marvellous town, a quick guide will indicate all the following steps of how to get to from Madrid to Segovia.


Segovia AqueductFrom Chamartin railway station in Madrid, there are trains that go to Segovia every hour. These modern comfortable trains reach nearly 250 km/hour. Therefore, the time that the journey takes is usually around 30 minutes; before you know it, and you will be on the Segovia-Guiomar station. The only negative aspect is the fact that the station is six kilometres away from the historical centre, hence most likely you will need to use the local bus (line 11), in order to commence your sight-seeing of the town’s antique points of interests. You can buy tickets back to Segovia online, or directly at the Chamartin station. If you’re buying them online, then you will receive a code that you will need to provide in order to enter the terminal. As soon as your code will be entered, you will receive a printed form of your ticket.


This alternative, at the moment, is the most popular way for tourists, because of its brilliant proportion between quality and price. The time it takes to travel is around one hour and undergoes entirely on the highway. Moreover, the views are simply stunning: although it is from far, but it’s possible to see the Valle de los Caidos, where the Spanish dictator Franco is buried, and the famous monastery “San Lorenzo de el Escorial”. The buses “Madrid-Segovia” come out of the Principe Pio station (which is located 10 minutes of walking from the famous Plaza de España) and end their route at Segovia’s centre, which is only five minutes away from the Roman aqueduct. Without a question, this is a huge advantage in comparison to taking a train.

The route Madrid-Segovia is conducted by the Sepulvedana company, opened more than 100 years ago. The buses are equipped with all necessary features (TV, electrical outlets, comfortable seats, etc.) that will make your trip quite enjoyable. The tickets can be bought prior to the trip on the company’s official website or at the Principe Pio station at its office. In addition, the station has necessary machines that allow to buy tickets for the bus without any queues.

Private tours

Alcazar - SegoviaIf you would like to travel with comfort and enjoy your visit to Segovia to the maximum, then it’s possible to buy a private tour of the city accompanied by a guide. A driver will pick you up from the hotel (optional in Segovia), and led by the guide, you will begin your trip through the enchanting town.

The guide will accompany you throughout the town nearly all the time and you will be able to see all the points of interest of this historical town. The guide will also tell you the local legends, stories, best places to eat, and shop. Therefore, in his company, you will be able to maximise your stay at the town.

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Volodymyr is a Russian journalist student and writer.

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