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Moving To Madrid

Written by Brian S.

Just thinking about moving from home is always a small adventure. However, moving to another city is a great adventure, even if it is temporary. In addition, the situation usually involves another series of changes, related to studies or work, which are what drive the decision to move to another place first. To move to a great capital like Madrid, the super adventure is served. At ShMadrid we know how complicated and stressful it is to move to another city and that is why we offer advice to help make the change easier and more bearable.

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Finding a new accommodation

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In a huge city like Madrid, it’s not always easy to know which neighborhoods are better to settle into and how much it costs and how far they are from places of interest. You need someone reliable and professional to help you navigate the murky waters of the real estate market, especially after the bubble burst a decade ago, leading to the economic crisis that lingers today. There are those who know how to give support, like those at the ShMadrid agency, and it really facilitates the process of finding an apartment to your liking, whether you need a monthly rental, a loft near a certain school, or any other type of apartment. ShMadrid helps ease the complications associated with moving or, at least, eliminates those that have nothing to do with the search for a home.

Tips to keep in mind for moving

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It is essential to prepare in advance (whenever possible, of course). Although people can help you with housing, there are other areas in which it will be very useful to gather information in advance, especially if your hometown is noticeably smaller than Madrid. For example, the issue of transport and the adjustment to Madrid’s timezone and overall schedule; it can be very normal to take forty-five minutes to get somewhere due to the size and traffic of the city, so knowing how to move efficiently is important. A good map of Madrid along one of its best inventions, the Metrowill make your life a lot easier here. There are apps which you can download on your phone to help go in the right direction.

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Another essential issue when you move to Madrid is to have some control over the differences in the standard of living and its impact on your finances. The first approach to these differences you will experience when considering where you will live is that, as mentioned, there are many options and sometimes it is not easy to choose one place. Pick your top three when preparing to move and study the overall housing and transportation expenses to make a judgment call that will help you organize more efficiently and overcome the inevitable vertigo that comes with moving to Madrid.

Have you recently moved to Madrid? What advice would you give us?

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