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To Heaven, Passing Through Madrid!

Written by Brian S.

There is no better place than Madrid because this is the ideal city to catapult yourself to new heights. It is clear that such a large and dynamic metropolis has a magnificent, varied, and practically inexhaustible offer in all areas: labor, training, commercial, and cultural, which multiplies the chances of success for those who start in any professional career. From ShMadrid we want to give you advice about life in the capital.

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Finding Accommodations

Photo by Jose Javier Martin Espartosa via Visualhunt

Also in real estate, the offer is wide and diverse, as you can see if you are looking for flats or other similar terms. Solving the issue of accommodation is crucial and opting for a rental at ShMadrid will make your stay in the capital start on the right foot. Of course, you will also have to think about health care, inform yourself about safety, transportation, consumption, or personal interests.

Know The City

Here are some basic tips for those who intend to come to this jungle of a city that evokes. First, before you get on the plane, check Madrid’s tourism website and look up Madrid’s well-known public transport. Next, be careful to avoid certain prejudices with the 80 different nationalities that live in the city, and be aware of pickpocketers, an issue for every major city. Look for accommodations to your liking with confidence, practice your social skills, and let yourself go knowing the locals in your school, at work, and in the neighborhood. They will be your best source of information about the city. Check out the local markets and businesses and try to prioritize when making the most of your free time: Madrid is so big that you can feel overwhelmed.

How Much It Costs

Photo via Pixabay

As a practical resource, there are many websites that offer comparisons or price lists on products and services in the major cities and can give you an idea of the cost of living that your stay in the capital will be worth. They include real estate information on rental prices Madrid flats and shared accommodation, plus buying furniture and any other functions like repairs that are needed for the residence.

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Don’t Miss This!

To take the pulse of the city, think of this line: “Where is Vicente going? Where the people go.” There are classics such as the Retiro, the trail, the museums, and the Sun that it is convenient to visit with eyes wide open, considering that they are not only tourist places: the locals also frequent them. Further on, you will find more remote and special corners, following your nose or the tracks of the “natives.” Madrid offers you an infinite number of opportunities: you only have to know how to look for them… and from there, to heaven.

What do you like most about Madrid? What advice do you give us to visit it?

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